In a same sex relationship

Hi everyone! My name is in a long term same sex relationship. We're both 66 and planning to retire and have zeroed in on DR, with no idea where to settle. We are not looking for gay bars or anything like that, just regular nice friendly people who would like to be in a city where we would not face hostility due to our status. Beach area is  nice, but not mandatory. Would like to live in (or very close to) a downtown area with markets, services, etc so can possibly avoid having a car and instead walk or take local transportation (taxi or bus).
I speak a LITTLE Spanish, not fluently, Richard speaks none, but he will learn, LOL.
Budget would be max approx $2,000 USD a month including rent, utilities, food, medical insurance, etc, and going out for lunch or dinner a few times a week. Is all of this doable on such a budget?
Any suggestions on where to live (especially in view of above) would be greatly appreciated.
We're originally from New York City and have been living in Ft Lauderdale Florida for past 12 years. We own a small business here (pet grooming) but are just about ready to pack it in and retire, which cannot afford to do here. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts and would love your input!

puerto Plata would be good for you..medium size city..i have never heard of harassment or hostility towards gays..especially if low key and not extremely camp..what lacks here is good transportation ..i find it boring but you being a couple and planning to retire would be good for u..the capital is a nightmare for transportation and crime rate is soaring

Welcome to the forums!   This country has made some progress in  tolerance but has a long long way to go.

That said,  being conservative and  under the radar you can live in many places.  Your budget will restrict you.

The capital is likely out due to cost of living in many areas.   As is the east coast.  I too will suggest the north coast, Puerto Plata,  Cabarete.  I won't suggest  Sosua specifically. 

Puerto Plata is a typical Dominican town,  we have most of what you will need right at hand.  Cabarete is much more expat and touristy and thus somewhat more costly.   

Your lifestyle will dictate how much your budget will stretch. If you eat based on locally available (non imported food)  then it will help.  If you need or want air conditioning that will cost you. Electricity is expensive.   HEalth insurance at your age (sorry)  will not be easy or cheap.  There is one plan available I know of and it is not a good one.  See what you can get from home or internationally. 

Transportation is not overly expensive,  make friends with a couple of good taxi drivers.... we all can make recommendations here.....

Lastly  read read read..... there is a lot of info on the forums. Then let us know your questions and we will do what we can to help!

Thank you both for the good information. It's wonderful to have the benefit of the internet and forums such as this so can get as much info as possible in helping to shape the move. Very much appreciated!

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