Residency permit and possible work permit for partner

I have a job offer in Budapest. I am NOT an EU citizen. The employer was offered to obtain a work
permit for me. I'm trying to figure out what rights my partner will have - we are not married.
I have asked but have not gotten a clear answer. Has any one had similar experiences:

There is  a tourist VISA good for 90 days out of 180 . You have to leave the Schengen area at the end. Can you come back every 90 days?

You can apply for a residency VISA for family members. There is a category called 'OTHER'.  Does this apply to non married partners?

Does any one have any experience with finding work without a work permit - does an 'undocumented' work force exist in Hungary like it does in other countries?
For skilled workers? He speajs 3 languages and has a lot of management experience

If any one has experiences with these issues, I would appreciated hearing from you.


Hiring people without any paperwork is common for the worst-paying jobs, it's for people without any skills and no alternatives...

What kind of management experience does your partner have and what languages is he fluent in? With english + german/french he could easily find a customer support job and then he could apply for residency/work permit.

Unfortunately I have no info on visa, and the site of immigration office seems to be down at the moment (

steveFS :

There is  a tourist VISA good for 90 days out of 180 . You have to leave the Schengen area at the end. Can you come back every 90 days?

Normally, one can return for only two 90 day tourist periods in one 365 day year. So max six months in the EU/Schengen countries as a visa free tourist.

steveFS :

You can apply for a residency VISA for family members. There is a category called 'OTHER'.  Does this apply to non married partners?

Basically, your partner will have to apply for his own visas. But you can claim you will support him financially and provide him a place to live on his resident visa application, which should make his visa request easier (but not guaranteed). 

Work visas are difficult to get without a business in the EU requesting them. Your partner can either try to also get a job before entering the country, or search for an employer during his "tourist" period.

steveFS :

finding work without a work permit -

Which is of course illegal. Don't.

thanks for you help

he speaks fluent French and Spanish in addition to English. He speaks a little Italian, He managed a non profit in the U.S.   Thanks for your help

steveFS :

He managed a non profit in the U.S.

Given the current government`s view on civil organisations, that may work against him........

Sorry to tell you you must be gone for 180 before you can return again for up to 90 days.
My son's fiance was from Japan. She flew in for 90 day visits several times went back to Japan for 180 days and then returned to the US.
On her 3rd US visit from Japan it seems she didn't wait the full 180 days, not totally clear because she is a very honest sort of girl and it must of been a mistake or mix up, never sinister on purpose. In any case when she arrived in the US they took her into a holding area for over 3 hours grilling her as to why she was in and out of the US so many times.
It was horrible for her, they didn't even allow my son to talk with her until they decided to let her into the US. She could of been turned away and they never would of even seen each other.
They legally got married on that trip, it was either marriage or she was never coming to visit him again.
His first wife was HUngarian from Hungary, she was a nut case and stayed in the US for 6 months without a visa, unknown to us.
She returned to Hungary after 6 months and was not allowed back into the US. My son visited her in Hungary for a year as he is also a HU citizen, they married in HUngary during that time and she still had to wait a couple more years until she could enter the US legally.
A real mix up, I feel he married both times only because of immigration rules.
I know in Hungary they do except couples that live together but I believe you must prove you have been living together for 2 or 3 years time without a break.
Not sure how one would prove that  and make a good case.
Many years ago my sister had a HUngarian boyfriend from SK. He moved to Canada and came to the US where they met. They moved to Canada together and lived together for over a year as a couple. They decided to go back to S. Cal. At the Canadian boarder they got a shock. They wouldn't allow him back into the US and they wouldn't allow my sister back into Canada. So sad, end of their relationship, lots of tear and hugging saying goodbye. Somehow their relationship couldn't work long distance.
As far as black market jobs go, in Hungary the pay for such a job if you can find one would not be worth it. There are many unemployed people in Hungary. Not worth getting the legal hassles if caught.

I'm sorry, there seems to have been a mix-up. I'm a 59 year old American who is thinking of becoming an expat, again. Wouldn't be bringing along anyone, just me and perhaps my dog. I'm also an Irish citizen, so could stay in Hungary due to EU rules ? Thanks, Jim Sweeney

I suppose you can stay with an EU passport.
Lucky you, best of both worlds!


If you wish to stay in Hungary for more than three months, you still need to register with the immigration office and meet certain criterias (either have a job, or prove that you have enough funds to support yourself, be a student, etc.), here is a link with the details in hungarian, for future reference: … table=true

The immigration office's site is still down, here is the english page cached by google: … &gl=hu

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