Traffic Accident

Today I had a traffic accident: a wooman crashed my car when she was moving backwards. So my car got not big dent. I wanted to call police, but she said she would pay the price of fixing. I believed her and just took pictures of the accident and took witnesses phone numbers.

1) In case she refuses to pay, is this data enought to go to police or law-court so that she pay a fixing?
2) What steps did I have to do according to the rules of traffic accidents in Oman? What phone number did I have to call?
3) Are omani honest people? Is it worth trusting them in sush situations?


Hi ru51an,

As per the Royal Oman Police rules, if an accident is not a major one - where there is  sizable damage to the vehicles, property, or people - then the accident vehicles can be moved.

But if there is some serious damage, then until the patrol vehicle arrives on the accident spot, nothing should be moved. You should call 9999 for emergency assistance.

In your case, you are saying that the damage is less. So what you have done is fine.

Usually, whether it is Omanis, or expatriates, no one would want to flee from the accident scene especially if the fault lies with them.

In accidents such as yours, all it takes is a couple of visits to the Police Station to do the required paperwork and then to the insurance company for the claims.

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