Selling AbuDhabi Car to Dubai Buyer

Hi Friends,
My car is Honda Accord 2015 model Abu Dhabi number, which I am selling to a Dubai buyer who wants to get it financed by bank.
Could you people please guide me about paper work and which offices I have to go to complete the transfer.
Any points on which I have to focus more.
Appreciate your support friends

Just go to any Tasjeel. That's it.

thank you Nitin, but many were saying to me that I  have to first cancel the number plates from abudhabi and then only it can be transfered to a dubai buyer

Just go to Tasjeel, explain them the situation and they will do it.
Best is if you go along with the buyer as you cannot drive the car (even a mile) once you cancel the number plate.

An alternate thing that people usually do is they get an export number plate, but that will only add extra cost for you since you already have a buyer, I don't see a need for that.

Good morning.

You need to go to Abudhabi police department  Vehicles registration center ( MUROR ) with the buyer , they will take your old plate number then will give you export plate number just to drive it to Dubai police Reg center RTA - and the new buyer will complete his procedures.


Deliver you plate number to Abdhabi police and the new buyer should take the car on the recovery to Dubai

I hope its clear

Thanks Mohammad.

I am selling a Car to a buyer who wants to take it on loan with Emirates NBD.

The process explained to me by bank is;
Get the car evaluated by Tajseel or some selected car dealers.
Then buyer to submit the documents for car loan approval.
Buyer to give 20% down payment to seller.
Get the car ownership transferred to the buyer and get new registration card.
Submitt new registration card to bank.
Bank will give LPO to the seller.
And after 5 working days bank will give managers check to seller.

I would like to know is this the process and Ownership need to be transferred before LPO or after??

If I need to take care of any other thing? Need your immediate help and guidance.


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