Internet wi-fi in malta

Can anyone tell me if you can get internet (wi-fi) in rented places and how would you be able to get it on your laptop. Any ideas how much it cost please

Internet from about €20 including phone and you get it on your laptop just as you can in Wales!

Check here:

and here:

and maybe here, too:

Usually it's no problem getting internet in rented places, depending on whether previous  tenants already had internet, the cables might already be in the flat...


Hi in UK i have to have a telephone landline to have a broadband service. Is this the same in Malta? Thank you.

Depending on the provider, you have to have a telephone landline or TV cable.
If I'm not mistaken, with "GO" it's the telephone cable, with "Melita" it's the TV cable.

with vodafone you dont  need a telpephone its not a fixed access point

GO's €20 includes telephone line and 15Mbs another €10 gets you 35 Mbs.
Their fibre optic service is in some areas of Malta but not arrived in Gozo yet.
GO supply a combination Modem/Router so you will not be able to install a VPN on it, you would have to do it on individual computers, boxes etc. (or you could add your own in series, or replace with separate Modem) Not sure what Melita supply.


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