How dog-friendly is Budapest?

Generally speaking, I think no country is as pet-friendly as France.  You can find dogs at cafes, in parks, traveling with the family....
Although I can name many of my friends with pets in the suburbs and smaller cities of Hungary, I am struggling to remember if there is a pet-friendly atmosphere in Budapest itself.

This is NOT a question about picking up after your dogs or a similar hygiene question.  But what are your experiences with seeing dogs walked in Bp? Seeing dogs playing in Bp? Are there any dog parks?  Have you seen dogs with their owners on Margit Sziget?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

We were just on Margit Sziget yesterday. Though there was  marathon going on, we saw many owners with their dogs. I think Budapest it generally dog friendly with even a Facebook page dedicated to dog ownership and rescue attempt.

There is a small dog park around the corner from me in the VII district, but there is a larger one a few blocks away. A number of cafes have 'dogs welcome' signs in the windows.

There is no other place that is comparable to France with dog tolerance.

Merci / Koszonom / Thank you!

I noticed many very well behaved dogs in Budapest, many walking off lead and were very obedient.
Many people work their dogs in the city park.
People take the time to train their dogs in Hungary from what I have noticed. Either they love their pets or they keep them tied up on chains in the back yard. Seems it's all or nothing.
They do have laws about larger dogs having to wear a muzzle in public even if they are on lead.
Forgot the weight limit to go without, 25 lbs. or such more then the limit then a muzzle has to be worn.
I do not think that law is enforced much though because I knew a women with 2 large Danes who never used a muzzle on either of them, they were gentle dogs and never barked or acted out.
I do know she was often hassled when we walked them, some people would yell at her when they relieved themselves on the sidewalks.
My HU friends brought their dog over from the US, that was very  hard on the dog as it was getting on in years.
As long as your pet doesn't bark and is on lead I don't see much problem having a dog in the city.
Not allot of grass for daily walks however unless you are close to a park or up in nature.
I personally moved from Honolulu to backwards Hilo just because I wanted my large dog to have space to run.
If you have the time to walk them and exercise them daily then Budapest is pretty much dog friendly.
Most people in small flats have tiny dogs.
Most of the older ladies in our house have small dogs, they don't bark to much because they are not left alone in the flat while someone is out working.
I wouldn't feel right leaving a pet alone and bored all day long in a flat.
The people we purchased our flat from had a mid to large sized dog that didn't seem all that happy living in the kitchen in a small flat.
It's up to you what is fair for the dog, I personally wouldn't have another dog in the city only because of the lack of free running space.

There are super pet friendly, green districts, like XIV, district. Check out this part: … .75z?hl=en

Marilyn Tassy :

I do know she was often hassled when we walked them, some people would yell at her when they relieved themselves on the sidewalks....

I'd be one of those shouting as well.  There's a lot of selfishness going on here. It seems dogs are more important than people sometimes.

There's a grassy area outside my apartment building I have to cross to get to my car which many local dog people believe is an ideal place to let their dogs do their business. 

I've had dog doo on my shoes and on my car carpets more times that I care to remember.

They should take their dogs to the countryside for that kind of thing.

p.s.  Toxocara/roundworm blindness caused by animal waste....

Dog mess causes blindess

I do not think it is kind or fair to keep a dog a prisoner of a flat in the city.
They should have access to grass and fields, be free to roam in their own safe space without fear of other stray dogs, crazy people who enjoy hurting them or boredom.
I know my Hippie sister in the 60's had a Lab and a Dane.
She moved to a small flat in S. Cal and locked them indoors while she was off to work.
Every single item in her flat was chewed up over time, the furniture, the LP's, they relieved themselves indoors, a real pig sty.
Her new car's front seats ( a nice new Camero) was their lunch one day when she kept them in there while she visited some friends.
If one really must have a city dog, I hope they get one that doesn't want to move, bark , run, play, smell the  outdoors or be a dog in general.
It is verging on cruelty to keep them in a flat.

Marilyn Tassy :

I do not think it is kind or fair to keep a dog a prisoner of a flat in the city.
They should have access to grass and fields, be free to roam in their own safe space without fear of other stray dogs, crazy people who enjoy hurting them or boredom....It is verging on cruelty to keep them in a flat.

Totally agree.  However, when I am out on my MTB (Mountain Bike), I see guards dogs on forest/country lots left alone, probably for days  on end with no company, just a bit of food and a bucket of water.  Mrs Fluffy  tells me many people think animals are objects, not living creatures.

I saw more then a few "guard dogs" tied up on chains lying on dirt when we lived in Erd.
Just made me sick to see.
Many stray dogs out in packs roaming at night.
I took a walk around the neighborhood in Erd  one summers eveing by myself. Once was enough, had stray dogs following me for blocks, tried to not look at them and walked brisk but not fast towards home, one dog just wouldn't go away.
God only knows if they ever had shots and with no ID tags on them if one got bit there is no recourse.
I love dogs actually, used to work by Dobie all the time, he loved using his mind and body he was my hobby when I was lucky enough to be a stay at home housewife in Cal.
Took him to many obedience classes just to enjoy seeing him become the best he could be. My cousin has her two "girls" highly involved in the AKC Agility runs, those ones that are on tv in the states all the time on the animal channel. Champion dogs but she treats them exactly like her real children birthday parties, hats special treats and cakes.
She gets something out of them and they live the good life, better then most people live I think.
My dog was the same, had his own room in our house with bed etc.
Not everyone has to go dog crazy like my family did/does but seeing extreme abuse really bothers me.
My HU FIlLhad a German Shepard that I think he was cruel to, The dog loved him to death and listened to his every word but often he was tied up in the yard. Dog got mean disliked any female person, males were ok but females he would bite.
Something was seriously wrong with that poor dog.
As a house guest I had little control over the matter but my views were known.
I once had it out with some kids and their fathers in Erd about them drowning a kitten in a rust old bathtub in their backyard. Long story, I screamed at them, the kitten broke free and I ran away because everyone was chasing after me, thankfully our car was near by. Twice now in Hu I have had to run for it and jump in the car for a speedy getaway. Odd I know, never experienced that ever in the states.
I really miss having a special dog in my life but if I can not give them the best life possible I would rather go without having one.

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