Hi all
My name is Michelle, I live in the VT region.
I am looking for somewhere that sells Kettlebells, any help would be much appreciated 😊

Decathlon stores usually have them

Thank you
Do you know if there is one in the VT area?

Decathlon is Varna, Plovdiv, and Sofia. But their online store delivers. … it_search=   

(In bulgarian they are called Пудовка (Pooh-dov-ka)).

Also, on OLX they have some second hand for sell.

Thank you very much
I will check it out 😊

Sport depot also has them, and they have a store in VT. Not sure if they will have them in that exact store, but it is worth a shot if you want to pick them up in person. … ovo-3.html

Thank you so much for your help 😊

No problem.

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