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I have just been informed by my favorite bank (pun intended) that I need to have a "permanent" residency to apply and get a BankID which will take another 2 and half years if I actually stick around for another 2 and a half years.

Anyone has any other experience in getting BankID?

I need BankID to get a few things including getting myself registered for DigiPost.

I love the fact that they can tax my income at 39% but not give me a BankID. :P I know they are two different things but still...

Any feedback on BankID would be appreciated.


i have a temporary residence permit (not PERMANENT residence permit) valid for 1 year... that allowed me to get a personal number (fødselsnummer), and eventually led to acquiring a bank account and a bank ID.. we applied for it around 4 months after i moved to Norway...

they didnt require a permanent residence permit for me to open up a bank account... i remember it was either a D-number or a personal number that they need... and as far as i can remember, if you have a bank account you can order a bank id thru them...

what i didnt get was a bank card (atm/debit card) because i get no income yet... which is fine by me, coz i only needed the bank ID for online services (altin, nav, minfastlege, etc)...

may i ask what kind of permit you have that allows you to reside in Norway?

I dont know. I just know that I have a permanent employment contract with a Norwegian technology firm. I have my Fødselsnummer, ATM card, credit card all set up but the BankID is taking forever to settle. Maybe I need to shift from DNB and move to a more flexible bank. I see that the concept of customer service has not reach Norway as yet. ;)

hmn.... i guess different banks have different policies... i remember that all i needed was a fødselsnummer (tho they asked for the actual paper i got from the national registry) and my passport... my bank did say that D-number is ok to open an account, tho i am not sure if this will also allow me to get a bank ID....

as i checked DnB website, they offer bank IDs for "resident customers"... are you here to work for less than 6 months? coz u can be allowed to work in norway for less than 6 months, even without a "resident status"... is this the case for you?

i just saw your other post here: Getting Credit Cards in Norway and you mentioned you have a D-number...

a D-number is issued to foreigners that are here in Norway for less than 6 months... this is actually different from fødselsnummer, which is only given for people who are issued with a residence permit (which is normally valid for longer than 6 months) or for EU/EEA citizens registering as residents of Norway... if what you only have is a D-number, i guess this is why you arent given a bankID... the bankID is a security feature that allows you to login to different facilities online, and the "username" is actually your fødselsnummer (this is ur birthday + 5 digit identifier in the format ddmmyyxxxxx)...

if your purpose is just to login to these online facilities and if you have a fødselsnummer or D-number, try see the option for MinID if you can't acquire a BankID from any other banks... this is the same as a BankID except that this is a bit less secured compared to a bankID (source: Electronic IDs in Norway)... and you wont get a one-time pin device, instead you order pin numbers and they send it to your registered address, or you can get one-time pins on your mobile phone.... MinID is a more accessible personal identity service, compared to BankIDs since its usually the banks who made rules/requirements for a bankID...

hope this helps :)

My bank  (DNB) also told me that I also need permanent residence to apply for BankID. Wonder if your bank Pheebz is DNB too?

Pheebz, I dont have a D number but I have an 11 digit fødselsnummer and yes I also have MinID. The MinID works for most items like tax return submission but for helfo you need a BankID to register and same is the case for Digipost.

Thanks for the help anyways. :) I am wondering if there are any other banks that offer BankID or is this more of a local law or regulation that does not give BankID to people who do not have permanent residency.

ooohh.... i think the rules for a BankID is really the bank's prerogative, whereas MinID is more of the government's.... i'm sorry to hear... :( but yea, try other banks :P and no, my bank isnt DnB, its Handelsbanken... i personally dont know anything much about that bank, like how good their rates are, rules for loans, etc... and their online banking site is only in Norsk...  :lol: and yea, they didnt give me a bank card but all i wanted anyways was a BankID so i was ok with it.. and i dunno if being in a rural part of Norway makes bank rules less strict, coz i dont have a permanent residence permit and i have only been a resident of Norway for 4 months when they gave me my bankID...

i remember when i only had MinID and i wanted to change to a doctor i prefer, i went to which then redirected me to site to do it, and their site requires a higher security level such as BankID so i couldnt get in... but then i found out that switching GPs is actually done thru which is under the NAV site (helsenorge just redirects to this site) where MinID is enough... i know helsenorge offers a lot of other services than this, just sharing coz i didnt know this back when i actually needed it, :lol:

but going back to the topic, try check other banks... maybe granting BankID rules can differ from bank to bank, coz like for my case, i got my BankID same day i opened my bank account... i think DnB is one of the leading banks in Norway, so try some smaller banks.. they will probably be more than happy to assist u in opening a bank account in them and give you a bankID... :)

Thanks a lot for all the help! Much much appreciated.

I just checked the site that you mentioned and yes I do not need a BankID to change my doctor and that is exactly what I wanted to do so thank you for helping me out. :)

glad i can help :)

Just to update anyone following up on this thread. I just had a discussion with Nordea. They will be most willing to help with BandID if I move my bank account to them. Bye Bye DNB!  :D

umairbz :

Just to update anyone following up on this thread. I just had a discussion with Nordea. They will be most willing to help with BandID if I move my bank account to them. Bye Bye DNB!  :D

:lol: at that last remark.... but thats good to know... so other banks really dont need permanent residence just to give BankIDs.... DnB should change their reqs/rules for the sake of consistency among banks, but i guess its their right who to give and refuse a bankID... i find it ironic that they do have an english website, which highly appeals to foreigners, and yet they dont give bankIDs without permanent residence... but then again, like i said, i guess its their right...

If you have a temp number, you can get a bank account.  It will help to smooth thing if you show them a copy of your job contract or tenancy agreement.

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