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Hi there!I saw this blog when I'm browsing about Malaysia.. By the way my name is Adeliza Lopez, from Philippines. I have a Malaysian Chinese bf.. and his planning to bring me to KL next year.. but he wanted me to work there.. but my problem is how to get a good job there. I'm a Psychology graduate but my job experience more on customer service, Real State Sales and Marketing . Do you think I can find  a job  that fits for my experienced?  Thank you. God Bless

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First of all, it would be best if you know the procedures and important information related to work in KL. I invite you to read those two articles :

- Visas for Malaysia
- Work in Kuala Lampur

- Work in Malaysia


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Hi Ms. Priscilla

Thank you for the info.. i think for the visa i will have the long stay visa, if we get married there. Do you think i can have a chance in Real State industry? Thanks

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I think the chances of finding a job as a real estate broker are pretty slim as there are so many brokers out there already, the majority are Chinese but there are of course many Indian and Malay brokers, but more because the property market is very slow. There is a vast oversupply of office and residential properties, especially condos) which are being built and the government has put into place measures to make bank loans more difficult to obtain.

Also, since 1st January 2015, the threshold for foreigners to buy a property in Malaysia was raised from RM500k to RM1 million. Naturally that eliminated many foreigners who would otherwise have been able to enter the property market.

But perhaps the most difficult challenge would be finding an employer.

Hi Hansson,

I understand what you trying to say, but since my past job experience is more in this field. I heard you to know the language there before u can get a job as admin staff or office staff. Is it true? So you think is it good to come to Malaysia or not? lol

To be honest I cannot give a good answer about the language. But what I do know is that there are a lot of Filipinas working in KL. I see them working in shops and restaurants, sometimes as managers. The first kindergarten I put my kids in, a very expensive one, had a Filipina Director. And I do not know whether there is much difference between working in an office or managing a store. I guess that if your paperwork is all correct then it shouldn't be a problem. Other posters with more knowledge about the rules and regulations can probabalt give more accurate information on that.

I think Malaysia could be a good place for you to come. It is a pretty cosmopolitan city so there wouldn't be a problem fitting it. I lived there for more than 12 years but left because I found I preferred to try living in another country for a change.

Thanks for the positive ideas , actually I've been to Malaysia twice and i find it nice place .. not that much difference in my own country. I felt like I'm still in my own home though.. Hopefully i can gather more information about the jobs and location in KL where there is a chance of me to apply..

In response to the ms_adhel, you stand a better chance of being hired if you marry your bf. As the spouse of a Malaysian, you would qualify for a Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) that is valid for up to 5 years. Once you have the pass, you can ask Malaysian Immigration to add a work endorsement to your passport. This will allow you to work in Malaysia without potential employers having to get apply for an Employment Pass for you. In other words, you become more attractive to hire because employers don't have to spend time and money to arrange permits to hire you. Just living as bf and gf does not get you an LTSVP or work endorsement: you need to be married to a Malaysian to be able to apply for this.

As for jobs in your field, there are a lot of customer service, and sales and marketing jobs here in Malaysia. Job portals will get you nowhere, so forget applying through Jobstreet and the like. Best is to look for jobs through your network/your bf's network, as most employers prefer to hire through recommendations of people that they trust as opposed to using advertising.

Hi with oil price low the RM is weak so earnings low in most currencies. Job market is appalling and 100000s of Malaysians have recently lost jobs. Not the best time to relocate if one has a steady job back home. Psychology isnt a big business here.

Marriage is advisable because unmarried means you are single in Malaysia as far as immigration is concerned.

Thank you KMART99 for the advice.. My BF is a wireless engineer, . I'm a little bit intimidated when it comes on relying my self to him. So as long as I can do it my self I don't want to ask a favor on him, I'm just worried that if he referred me then I didn't get that job. He will be upset.. That's why I want to get some ideas from you guys so I don't need to ask him. But I think your right, He is the only one can answer my questions cause he was from Malaysia.

I got your point, I should consider the economy there.. but anyway I'm not in a rush though to get a job.. and besides it will be next year.. so hopefully next year there will be a change by chance.

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