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Bonjour all,

I'm looking relocate from the UK to Brittany France. I will need to buy a property and get a mortgage.
Does anyone have any experience with getting a French mortgage. Are they easy achieve or is the process much like the UK?

Thank you

No idea, now, with the Brexit...

I'm a US citizen and it was difficult to arrange in 2008 with an international bank.  But US citizens have a lot more paperwork to deal with, which banks don't want to bother with.

You might check British banks to see if any are partnered with French banks and looking for your business.

*** You pay some extra fees, but it could be well worth it because they will apply for you and know there way around foreign banks. Check (in Dutch, but you can get the e-mail adres on this page). Or sent more information by using the form at the ***

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They are a pain in the neck with mortgages in France unless you have a solid working history within France  and under  a contract with a company.

If your relocating through your company you could always file for one and give them all the paper work you have from the UK and depending on the size of your company, chances are it will go through.

So yes, size matters lol.

I will be happy to help, I used to buy and sell properties in Paris and its suburbs and I think I could give you a couple advises on how and where to get started with the best deals.

Just remember buyers have the force on their side these days with the bad economy and real estate is no exception and you need to negotiate the price as much as you can, also check if the there are any heavy refurbishments major fixings are planned in the building your planning to buy your flat in as they could hit you with a heavy bill after a few months you purchased your flat.

Keep your eyes open and you will be fine ;-) France is like  Disneyland for adults. lots of fun, a tolerant country and a great place to live in.

Hi there,

I am in the process of looking to buy myself so have a little information, here's what I know at this point:
- basically banks in France want you to spend about 1/3 of your monthly income on a mortgage, this is negotiable.
- you can use a mortgage broker ("courtier") which is a pretty good idea so s/he can shop around for the best rate.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

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