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Hi good day!sorry for all members I post again my problem..I really confused what I do and makes me crazy to think this problem and what will happened to me..I've planning to go home in my country which is in Philippines. But I found out that i have complain in police station or case..but in immigration i dont have question is
1)my employer can renew my visa even I have case in police station
2)I can travel in phillipines even I have complain in police station..nobody block me or hold me in airport to travel.
Please I need more information  about my problem.

You need to discuss with immigration and passport office. You don't say what your problem with the police is but if you have broken the law then there may be a warrant out for your arretst and a travel ban on you.

Until boss doesn't recieve a call or notice that his staff have a case..and I found out whose make me complain from police station and he know where I'm working and living..he can talk to police to go that place to catch me.But it's not happen.
Please I really need opinion and advice

You have to speak to LMRA or Immigration and passport office. We cannot advise you on here

get someone who speaks Arabic to go with you to the police station. You will probably need to file a statement with them and listen to the statement by the other person. if the complaint is about you personally then it's very possible that if you try to leave the country, they will prevent you at the airport.

complaints about you can be made by anyone and they don't have to have proof unfortunately. The only way to resolve this is to find out which police station the complaint was made at and settle it there.

I can renew my visa if I have complain from police station?

Unfortunately this is something that is out of our hands, and our advice may not be informed enough which could lead you into trouble.

This is something you need to clear up with the LMRA and your local police station, as suggested by Josnuggles and SuburbanSam.

Good luck -

Dear Sir,;
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Kindly report this issue with the nearest police station immediately.

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