can i get indian species and wheat flour and ghee in dalian market???

hey...dis is priyanka...m from india...wants to knw dat can i get wheat flour and ghee in dalian market???i am a pure not eat sea food, meat and suggest some places where i get veg indian food...???

Did u try walmart?

Taobao! That's where you'll find.

hahahaha,great!!you got that right

Actually within the city there arnt any proper shops for Indian spices.. I usually get mine when i go to Shanghai or Hong Kong. or have friends bring them. Yes you can easily get them online , taobao for example.

In Shanghai, there are lot of shops which sells imported food products like Friday Imported shop or Adundance shop where you get a lot of Indian spices. There are a lot of Indian species available locally as well like jeera , coriander, fried rice species. dal chini, garam masala. In Taobao,generally most of the dals are available. Prices are low but you need to learn how to use it  :top:

Otherwise use Indian postal service :D  to send spices or anything else from India to China. It will take 10 -12 days to reach China.

Any such place in Jinan?

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