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Today I got the EWA form and I came to know that I have to fill in electricity meter number and reading and also water meter number and reading on the EWA form. However, when I visited and looked at the meters I got electricity meter number but no reading (it's digital and was off) and water meter reading but no water meter number. So now my question is how can I get the connection without these info and also is it important to have it before I apply for EWA.

Will be waiting for the favourable replies.

Note - this is a new building and I'm the first resident in the flat.

Thanks in advance :)

The best thing would be to ask your landlord or the building manger for the info.


Thanks for the info, but unfortunately both are useless !! As I'm not getting proper info from either of them.

sucks! lets hope someone here knows a work around!

how about taking the form  with the bill that you had from previous months to the EWA office and the guy at the reception should tell you what to write or he will write for you .

i think thats how things are done

Hey lil girl how u doin ? Like u said its new building and electricity not yet working then hw can u get meter reading ? Do one thing get me the number of any asian working in ewa inwil speak to him i have pm u my number


Thanks guys. By the way I'm still trying to figure out how to put in those details in the EWA from. Waiting for some exact details :)

And I don't know if there wud be some Asians at the counter !!

Can u watsapp me the ewa form ? I can help u with this and guide u

How about helping here only so that others in the same situation can also have your amazing Help :)

Sure as u wish pls go ahead i wil take the form from here


Thanks for the replies guys. Just to update on the forum, at EWA centre they didn't asked me for the water and electricity meter reading and processed my paper.


Yeah bcs u got wrong information bcs if ur meter isnt working why wil they ask for reading anyways glad u got it done


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