Metal Casting Job In HCMC

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I just would like to ask your opinions. My Fiance will be transferring here in HCMC by the end of the year. Well, he will follow me here. He is currently in Japan and is working in a Metal Casting Company (making parts of the car). I'd like to know if there are job opportunities for him here ? by the way his work experience is 3 years.

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Maria Carla

Japan is a country with a demographic situation that demands that they import skilled and semi-skilled labor.  In fact the population pyramid is no longer that being more like a house with a large roof.  The Vietnamese pyramid is widest from 19 to 44.  Vietnam is overloaded with factory workers. In fact some Vietnamese laborers go to Japan for work.  You can probably figure it out.

Thanks for the reply, That s very helpful :)

Also the salary will be very low, wages here are only a few hundred dollars a month.

"Vietnam is overloaded with factory workers. In fact some Vietnamese laborers go to Japan for work." But It only right for worker or manual labor. Many FDI companies are looking for high-tech laborers in Vietnam. But they only can  employee foreign laborers with high salary. When Vietnam laborer still not meet their requirement.

I think your Fiance should contact FDI companies at Vietnam first, He will has many chances.

Hi lam!

Thanks for taking the time to reply. May i know what FDI is? 


Hi, Maria
"Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment made by a company or individual in one country in business interests in another country, in the form of either establishing business operations or acquiring business assets in the other country, such as ownership or controlling interest in a foreign company."

Example: Toyota is Janpan company. They opened up a branch in the foreign country-Vietnam. Toyata's Viet Nam called FDI company.

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