Business visa extension (6 months) - UK citizen


I have 6 months multi entry business visa and I have been entering and exiting KSA before every 30 days is up to Dubai and back every 30 days now I'm reaching the end of my 6 months and people have told me you can do following:

1) get iqama (if so someone who can sort it for me plz help I'm happy to pay them)

2) get business visa extension (numbers or companies who can help me out)

3) set up business on paper if so where do I start SAGIA is slow and not helpful unlike Dubai which is easy?

- or any other Help much appreciated!

Note I'm a retired British national of age 66 years and want to reside in ksa permanently and happy to buy iqama or visa if anyone can help me out!!!

Please let me know.

That's a tough one - to get a new iqama, you need super wasta for that because of your age.

I would be very careful about what you ask for in these postings.  However, with a business visa, you don't need to fly out of can exit the Saudi/Bahrain and turn around and reenter.........the first will receive a customs paper....then exit the country........before the bahrain turn left through the says return to Saudi and enter again.

Not even gonna ask why you want to stay in Saudi!

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