Salary for British radiographer in UAE

I am a newly qualified radiographer in the UK and just been offered my first job in London with starting salary of £2100/m = 11,000 AED.

Id like to move and work in Dubai since I have family friends and relative already living there for years.

I want to know if they hire newly qualified radiographer from the UK and if so, what salary would they offer and if they provide accommodation?

Any input will be appreciated, thanks :)

Hello H.Baloch

While waiting for feedback about Salary for radiographers, I invite you to browse through threads in our Cost of Living in Dubai section of the forum to gather information about salary packages and living expense in Dubai for other professionals.

Kenjee from the Philippines & currently staying in planning to move to uae for my work .I just want to ask if have you already take your haad exam to work in uae for your pfofession?as I heard that's important to anyone who is planning to work in uae by their profession.

Being qualified from the UK and registered with HCPC, I am exempt from having the exam of HAAD/DOH/MOH . In your case, you'd have to take the exam.

Hi Balloch
The salary for British radiographer in Dubai is approx 5000 AED monthly or 1000 euro monthly.  So I guess you should stay in London or try Qatar.

Hi blusky2015,

Radiographers that are qualified from Philippine or India earn more then British radiographer? I have asked many Filipino and Indians and they're salary range is between 8000 - 15000 AED/m.

It depends on what procedures  u do exactly and ranges from place to another.

Perhaps an estimation can be very helpful if you can.

I didn't get u.
What exactly do u do as a radiographer? Which branch of radiology I mean

X ray technician who takes x ray images of the patients.

Do u do ultrasound also or ct?

no, just general radiography (x-rays).

Dear H. Baloch,

I am also from health care professional,  senior physiotherapist and feel that Radiographer salary is lower than allied health professional,  one of my known joined Dubai as a lab technician and he is getting approx 5.5 k AED,  However he has dha license and from India .  We agree that British,  American,  Australian are paid higher in comparison to South Asian but salary of Radiographer should not be higher than 10 - 12k AED for Western qualified also.

One of the strong indicator of any developed country or society is equality and non discrimination,  surprised to know that people are paid as per their origin,  irrespective of their knowledge and skills. Request you to please go to Google and check salary range for Radiographer position. You may also like to go to job sites and get some clue about salary range.

Above thoughts are my personal feeling and based upon discussion with various people in UAE. Kindly ignore,  if it's not relevant.


**** you will never get more then 8K AED :). Doesn't matter you are only British. You should be white british otherwise they will classify you as an Indian.. and we have milions of indias here who are over qualified and ready to work even for 5K...the market is oversaturated. It is very difficult to find good job nowdays in Dubai. The good times are over.  Now everyone is in survival mode and looking to other countries.  If you are not happy working in UK try Canada or India.

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Canada makes sense but not sure of India. If there is good opportunity in India then  why do Indians choose to work abroad? Anyway guys! thanks for the input, really appreciate it.

Hi, just wondering if you know what a CT radiographer could expect to earn? Also trained in Interventional radiology, Cardiac cath lab and PACS. Would really appreciate any help.



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