Sushi in Madagascar

Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves up decent (i.e., non-life-threatening) sushi in Madagascar?  You would think that being an island with a large population of Asian descent that this might be easily found.


Well, you can definitely find a sushi bar in La City shopping mall. They are more or less good there. Would be interesting if other members can recommend anything.

Hi mishcom,

Thank you for the idea.  I've had really good pesto there but haven't seen sushi.  Maybe I haven't looked in the right places.  I'll try next time thru Tana.


I could not trust any raw seafood that was sold in an inland city such as Tana.
I live on the coast and I would be careful to eat any fish that was raw because I would not know if the fish in Madagascar is subject to worms.  Salmon being an excellent example of fish that has worms in the meat.  If anyone has the answer to this then I would interested as I have plenty of fresh seafood come to the house here in Mahajanga.
That said sometimes the fish is not all that fresh and even when cooked . Some will have melted.  The term meaning spoiled for the fish is caught on wooden boats with no motors, in other words wind driven boats and subject to the sun in transport over several hours with little to no ice.
Fish and any other food in Madagascar is not thrown out if spoiled, just mixed in and sold in the market under rice Cantonese for example or soups.
As a side note- Sushi is a dish of the Japanese and the Japanese do not think of themselves as Asian, any more than the British think of themselves as European or the Malagasy think of themselves as  African, being of Polynesian/Malay decent.
Interesting question all the same and I have never seen Sushi in Mahajanga. 
Next time I am in Tana I too will lean over to see what is considered Sushi in Madagascar.   Bon appetite

I totally appreciate your response, Tropic Alex; you point out a couple of things I had not thought of.  Best to you!

I am in Tana now and visited La City and Waterfront. Both have sushi in a very limited way- California roll, round rice seaweed wrap with ham the size of a quarter, round rice with hamburger, or tuna fish and the one real sushi is with a slice of fish which looked like salmon on a thumbful of rice which was on the display that looked old dried up and yucky. Even looked like plastic but was not.  Not sure of what your experience of eating sushi is but i have eaten fresh sushi in all sorts of Japanese restaurants including the conveyor belts form of selling sushi and sashimi
Life threatening sushi in Tana, well I don't think so but I saw it as tasteless and the people who did buy that crap, smoked cigarettes during the sushi meal. Their taste buds have already been burnt so taste is of little concern.
You might be better off making it yourself with sticky rice and soy sauce and green mustard with a thin slice of fresh fish.
Price I saw was 38,000 Ariary for 24 quarter size pieces of something that looked like a calif roll with a small piece of avocado in the center. 
I also noticed that LA city and waterfront was a real ripp-off bunch of shops.  I have brought back the same products and games for the kids from USA for one third the price and French perfumes for my wife at the expensive duty free shops at the airport for less than half price. 
The same ripp-off price at the shops as when I went for a taxi back to the hotel and they wanted 15,000 ariary when I knew the price is 40,000 FMG- And of course when I speak with them in FMG and not Ariary ( tourist talkers)  then they knew I am a old timer here in Madagascar and I did get my price.

Yeah, right. Shops in La City and other vazaha places are rather a rip off and sushi do not look like they are sushi. There's also a Chinese restaurant in Ivandry that serves sushi, but it's also crap. So yeah. If you like fresh seafood, you can try huitres off the streets. It's normally good and cheap. I personally prefer going for shopping to the markets. Analakely is a bit of a hassle with all begging kids and pickpockets, but other markets outside of the city centre are okay. Relatively secure and hassle free. Plus for 50000 ariary one can buy a LOT of food and, sometimes, even decent fish or scrimphs. Good luck in your search for sushi and would be interesting to know if you'll find a good spot.

I agree that street food can be very good inexpensive food.  The reason being that you can see the food being cooked at times and the cook-if they are clean or the color of the food as in samosas. If it is dark samosas then the oil was old and black.  You get to learn who to buy from over time.  Or check if the gargotte is full of clients. 
As for shopping, we went to the Chinese merchants not far from the train station and BOA bank.  We first started up the hill at the shops with the Merina were selling and my wife said these prices are not correct as in to high and they were easy to banter on prices. She said lets go down the hill to the Chinese merchants. And voila- she was totally right- the Merina shop owners were buying the same products from the Chinese and carrying it up the hill, 75 meters to their shops and double the price. Chinese merchants usually have fix price, but my wife is a smart bargainer ( not a hard bargainer-just smart) and could even get the Chinese to lower their price.  I have learned so much from her in the area of bargaining which is not an America trait since prices are fixed and out in the open.

I went to the Thursday market at the stadium  and found it awful. As the prices were high and for merchandise that is used or second or third hand.  Shoes didn't smell like new shoes, they smelled like feet.

I have been to Analakely and consider it a tourist site ( high prices), and you can tell a tourist site by the amount of pick pocketers and beggers, plus it is in all the guidebooks, though locals do find their way into the shops because they know prices. 

I am here to do some government business and head back in a few days.

If you know of any markets out of city center I would like to go to them as well and if you know taxi prices from Independence ave as well would help.

Thank you

Update info about buying from the Chinese merchants near the train station off of Independent ave. Well My wife and I were back there today and my wife saw this purse at the Chinese store and she touched it and said that this is the exact same purse at La Tana City.  The Chinese merchant sells that purse for 350,000 FMG ( quoted in FMG) and she said the woman behind the counter and merchant  said the the big store in La Tana city buys from them and then changes the mark to "Guess" for example and resells it for 2,500,000 FMG.   
I am well aware that this happens and that knocks-offs sell in tourist places all over the world and I have seen this in my travels around the world several times over and now I have found it here in the Chinese center/ La Tana City. 
I am not into purses so I could be less interested except in the scam itself, My wife did not buy the less expensive Chinese purse because it was just ugly- I guess a Higher price just makes it more attractive to the uninformed.

In the spirit of the subject of the post about Sushi .  Sushi in Madagascar is fake from what I have seen so far. And the Manager ( perhaps owner) of the restaurant was a vasaha.  I always look into the restaurant to see if the cook is of the culture of the food. I find it weird to see Mexican cooks cook Chinese food. When I was in the Midwest USA I went into a Chinese restaurant and their sweet and sour sauce was Ketchup and lemon juice together. 
I am an American and I do not miss American food, whatever that is as in what is American food? Fast food? garbage food!!!. But I do enjoy Malagasy food and it is rich in flavor and I am learning to cook it. It is also not expensive but full of flavor, fresh and rich in nutrients.

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