Farmers Markets

Anyone know of a farmers market that's run on a daily basis in any parts of PR?  Looking for a place that sells fresh products like local fruits, vegetables, fish etc.    Tom

Lots of places have little stands set up all over the place .Rincon has a sana farm stand. They only sell locally grown organic vegetables

If you are in the metro area you can look up "Plaza del Mercado" or "La Placita" in Santurce. I think Viejo San Juan also has a large market, but I'm not sure of the schedule.

There aren't any daily farmers markets on the island. Like Sandra said you can buy from the road side stands that are ubiquitous. Fish mongers vary by city. If you ever do decide to move here, it's best to get in contact with the locals and find out what (and where) days are best to purchase seafood.  For weekly markets go to and search "markets".

We have a farmer Market in Rincon but its only on sundays

There is a new farmers market in Luquillo.

Here's a link with info: … re-center/

Hi there,

       There is a Farmers Market every Saturday morning on Rte. 110 in Aguadilla before you get to the former Air Force Base, now where the Aguadilla airport and Lufthansa is. You take Carr. 2 and go north on Rte. 110 and a little bit before you get to the former base, it is on the right side ( if you come to Econo, you have passed it) way before It is usually open from 8am till 12pm.

       They have a few vendors and even a truck that sells healthy options. I don't know where you are but there is also a big Pulguero (Flea Market) every Sunday morning from about 5:00am till about 12-1pm. It is off the beaten track in a section called Mani in Mayaguez and you can get there by going on Rte. 2 to where you see the Magic Radio sign , make a right and then follow road , it is a little bit down the road.

      They even have some fresh crabs sold there, fresh fruit and vegetables and every thing else you can get at a flea market- clothes, shoes, tools, cds, etc It is worth a look see. We usually go there and then on the way back stop in Rincon at the plaza for their farmers market on Sundays. Both are good. Enjoy.

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