Making new friends in Malta...


So true hey. Seems like we're all available but no one wants to take the initiative. If thats the case give me a buzz...ill see how many and who contacts me i'll org something even its a barbecue  (the South African way) on my huge terrace.then we'll take it from there.

am here for holiday want to have a woman that can take me round malta

This sounds like a great idea, but seems to be contrary to the forum guidelines about not posting personal details (email addresses etc.) and so I manor sure about how to respond to this offer. My wife and I arrived last month and havebeenoretty well fully engaged in apartment hunting and jumping through the contradictory hoops needed to set up our bank accounts. Now would be a good time to discover new fiends, but knowing where to start without being too pushy is always a problem, particularly being of an age group increasingly dismissed in the UK. We are presently renting in Qawra while contracting to purchase nearby. Having sold our car before coming, we are now dependent on what appears to be a pretty good bus service, which dictates our freedom of movement to some degree, although connections from here seem pretty good.
Its never too late to start a new life for those who are up for a new adventure.

There is now an option to post an event on this site so you can set up a get together that way, otherwise join a group that does it for you

Hi everyone,
I am new here in Malta and hardly know people around here.If anybody is interested in going out killing some time. Please contact me. :)


Is their any parent / Child meet ups or family events planned? Would love to meet other parents, families and keep the children busy at the same time!

Yes I would like to find some family event to attend with kids too.

Hi my husband and I live in Qawra, we moved here permanently from the UK beginning of May after many years of coming here for holidays.
All I can say is, it's a good job we get on so well & enjoy our own company as we spend pretty much all our spare time together! We would desperately love to meet other expats of a similar age (40+)
We both work full time so we have work colleagues (mainly Maltese) but spend so much time travelling to & from work that we are too knackered on week day evenings to do anything.
However, come the weekend, it would be lovely to meet up with local friends (if we had any!) for a drink or meal etc. W
We see our daughter a couple of times a week, but she has lived here a lot longer than us & has a Maltese boyfriend & friends, who are lovely and invite us to lots of events, but they are a different generation to us. We don't want to feel we are sharing her friends, we would like our own.

PM me, I am about to go away for 2 weeks, but happy to meet and introduce you to things I go to when I'm back!

Hi Everyone

I am moving over mid November and I wouldn't mind getting to know lie minded people who have just moved over, feel free to contact me or let me know if there are any groups meeting up. Thanks and hope to see some of you soon  ;)

Hello everyone..... I just got to Malta some few days ago, and it seems it's starting to get boring. if anyone would like to hang out and have a nice conversation... Pm me :)

I'm coming out in December on my own, having bought a place in  mellieha via car, & would love to meet up with new friends

We are in Qawra in December too.

on my second month in malta, and getting bored already, if you would like to meet up for a drink or two and have a nice intellectual conversation, simply contact me.... cheerio!

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