Have complaint in Police Station - Can i Renew my visa?

Hi good day..I'm aris from Philippine.31 years old..I have a problem about complain in police question is can I get New visa or renew and can I go home to Philippines if I have complain in police station.?

All I know depends if they ban u in the immigration. Try to check first there before doing any move. Go to the immigration office building 3, 2nd floor, room 8. U can verify if u have case.

Where exact place?

It's true I can't renew my visa of have complain  in police station

you can check it under this link … BIS9nQSEh/

i guess it will depend on the nature of the complaint, not really sure about it though, if someone has more info i am sure they would reply back.


Please I need more advice and opinion..about my problem

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