Documents Required to Open Bank Account in Cyprus

I wish to move to Cyprus his month and have a question about opening a bank account there, Piraeusbank requires according to their website a certified true copy of a valid passport.

I wish to confirm that this does not mean taken to the British Embassy, as certified really means certified by a Lawyer or other professional.

Can any one offer me information on opening a bank account in Cyprus? I do not want to go through the hassle and hurdles of getting something wrong.

Thank you.

usually an apostle - notary or lawyer i beleive

My mother and father in law opened an account in Hellenic bank with just their passport and document with UK address on it (bank statement, utility bill) as they had not received any Cypriot utility bills at that point and my husband opened one with the Bank of Cyprus using passport and Cyprus rental agreement.  No lawyer or anything like that was required.  Hope this helps :)

yes it does... thanks Lisa

Thanks for this post. I will be out next month and need to open a bank account so I assume my passport and a copy of our title deeds will be enough?

Okay so my experience on opening of bank accounts in Cyprus:

1. I went into the bank of Cyprus to open a bank account, they took copies of my passport, rental contract and internet invoice for installation, I have no utility bills. Bank account opened without too much trouble.

2. Went into the Alpha Bank and they wanted a utility bill and not the internet invoice I had, also they were not happy with the rental contract I had as it was a photocopy, the landlord has the other. The woman there was not so interested in my plight and didnt seem to bothered with me to be honest.

I did go into the Hellenic Bank but they were very busy and I did see a couple who wanted to open a bank account and the guy was telling them they needed proof of earnings, so I left without trying myself.

So in my experience the Bank of Cyprus was not fussy and was willing to help me be their customer, however the Alpha Bank seemed to find ways to push me away, they must have too many customers.

We had no issues with the Hellenic Bank and their accounts work fine as does their online banking services

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