any driving courses for foreign beginner in Bangkok or Pattaya?

Hi, everyone!     I want to learn how to drive a car,  but I don't know if there is any driving shool or private driving courses for a foreign beginner in Bangkok or Pattaya or any city near Bangkok?   

I have searched internet but not too many useful results coming out, so anyone knows something about this and can give me some information or their websites.    How much the cost?   Do they have intensive courses, for example 3 or 4 hours a day.   

Looking forward to your early reply.

Thank you.

Not very common in Thailand as people not really use them however you can find some by typing on internet, cost around 9,000 - 11,000 THB for 20 hours - Any friends can teach you in secure area first like a mooban, you can have a look at below websites :

Others solutions will be to go to DLT ( department of land transport ) where people go to pass the tests or convert their driving licence, and ask them for a list of qualified driving instructors in the area as normally these instructors should have a driving instructor certificate from DLT to be able to teach...

I think the SR driving  school is near bearing  (bkk) if I recall correctly and they had a farang course for aprox 12k baht for about 20 hours intensive done over 5-8 days weather dependent I think too.

Hi, thank you so much for your useful information, and I will try to contact them by your two websites.   

Thank you, again.    Hope I can find a good driving instructor soon.

thank you so much for your information,   and I will check there when I am in town.

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