New beginnings..

I'm a newcomer in Shanghai...would be delighted to meet new friends

Hi  my name is Alan. I live and work in Changzhou, about an hour from Shanghai.

If you are interested, maybe dinner some weekend. BTW, I am from USA

Hi nice to meet u...
Do u have any photos to share?


I would suggest that you do not ask for photos as there is no way you can assess whether the photos are genuine.


if you are in Shanghai, then why do you say you are in the Emirates on your profile?

That's as weird as your IP, that looks kind of fake

I moved in shanghai 10 days ago...that's why i edited my profile..

Honest mistake..not a fake one
Willing to prove that.

Hi! Welcome in SH. Pudong is so far away though from the central of SH.

Hi Ann,

There are daily many activities to meet people, depending on what you fancy to do .
if you need any recommendation, feel free to ask.

Hi hermes..

Thank you for your message. I really appreciate.
I think, i still need to fihure out the place itself like how to go to downtown city by the metro and the bus route in shanghai. I live in less than an hour away from down town city...i live in Pudong District
If there is anything, i will surely ask you..thanks a lot for your concern. Have a nice day ahead..

Hi, im new to shanghai too. Been here for a week and is living in Pudong area. Maybe can meet up for dinner tonight? anyone interested?

hi Ann, I'm in a pretty similar situation to you! Would be nice to meet up

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