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colinoscapee wrote:

THIGV wrote:
1)  If you are legally married to a Viet citizen and eligible for the 3 yr TRC or a 5 year VEC get that instead.

2)  A one year tourist visa is still a tourist visa and it is still illegal to work.

Having a TRC or VEC also doesn't legally allow you to work here.

That is true but you can work legally while holding a VEC and a work permit simultaneously.  A work permit allows you to apply for a TRC but you don't have to obtain it if you have a VEC.  This is on the advice of my attorney who could have charged extra for the TRC and still told me that it was not needed in my case.   This was before the existence of the new TRC for married people but I would assume that the same is true in that case.


Rick writes:

Seeing this is opinion day please let me post mine on the subject. I don't see how a person with a VEC would be legally allowed to work and be issued a WP. A VEC is not a visa and in order to get a WP you have to have a valid visa linked to a work contract. Its understood now that at border crossings you can get a 6 month stamp  Vs the previous 3 month, but when go  to Immigrations to extend your stay, your not extending a visa just your stay in Vietnam for 3 month. The reason I say 3 months not 6 is because of the rule on extending your VEC which say 3 months (regardless that you received 6 months on your current entry into VN) say 3 months. I haven't saw any posts where a person has had their VEC extended for longer than 3 months. Working in VN with a VEC is not the intended reason for it to be issued. I have no horse is this race, just curious if my understand is correct.


Yeah, agree with Rick. The purpose of VEC to certain category of people is to exempt them from obtain a visa but a temporary stay whenever they visit in Vietnam from 3 months (old scheme) to 6 months (new scheme holders). There is no chance of work with this VEC. Of course law has many loopholes in which people can misuse  :)
Actually if your work is below 3 months then you don't need a WP, legally in certain cases in which many business owners misuse this, especially language centers.
Anyway there is no relation between a WP and VEC or TRC for spouse!
May be in the future, we can hope, spouses married to Vietnamese citizens will get the legal permission to stay and work here. In this case I think Indian OCI(Overseas Citizen of India - which confers spouse eligible to obtain as lifelong visa and can work in India, plus they get all benefits like a Non Resident Indian. Yes, they can buy property or do business with a repatriate basis ) card is a step ahead!

Yeah agree, many people think that being married entitles them to work here.

I hope one day you do get a horse.

If Rick and Charma are correct, how was I able to obtain a WP while providing my VEC to certify my in-country status?  I know some people who had to have bribes paid on their behalf because of items like not having a proper degree, but that was not the case with my application.  Based on what I paid my lawyer, I am certain that she didn't pay significant bribes out of her own pocket either (other than perhaps the minor ones to get it done today instead of next month) .

I do realize that the VEC is not a visa, but isn't each of the $10/90 day (or now 180 day) stamps considered a visa?  I do agree that a VEC does not entitle anyone to work but it does not seem to prohibit one from obtaining a work permit and thereby working legally.

Something some expats don't quite understand is that the laws are interpreted by the official you are dealing with. Because you had no problem receiving your VEC from a certain official doesn't mean it's the norm across VN. My friend tried to renew his 3 year TRC in My Tho about 6 years ago,they refused saying that in My Tho they only issue one year and didn't give a rats arse what the national laws were.

The stamping fee is basically a money grab and a way to make things not so easy for expats,which seems to be the order of the day. There is nothing that says you can't gain a WP whilst holding a VEC, you just have to go through the motions to obtain one.

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