Doing MSC and getting a job

Hello Friends,

   My name is Asela I'm from Sri Lanka. I would like to expat from my country. I have a BSc Computing degree so my plan is to studding for MSC and getting Canadian qualifications to get a job.  I have found that Canada is good for students and the university fees are very low.  my current job is a software engineer i have experience in this filed.

Please tell me friends what is the better way of getting a job in Canada ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Asela,

I suggest you read the articles in the Work in Canada section of the Expat Guide, it will surely help you in finding some ways in which you may find a job.

Also, have a look at this page :

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Wait a minute. Are you planning to do your MSC in Canada or continue with it in your home country?

I would definitely recommend that you brush up your (English) writing skills first. That's important especially if you plan to find a computer related job here in Canada.

Hi thanks for the reply. I am planning to do a MSC in Canada. what do you suggest ?

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