find job in canada

good day to all.
can any one please help me find a job in canada.

Just because they have a cool PM ?

I suggest to go the immigration route. Your chances are somewhat better.

thanks hamudi.but in jeedha any firm theit to contact.

My suggestion is to take a look at the Canadian forum and read into topics that might interest you.
At least it helps you more than posting here.

Good luck.


thanks hamudi.but in jeedha any firm theit to contact.

Just be vary if you use any local firms in Jeddah, better try going to the consulate and find out. Or check their government website.

good luck

You need to go back to school and get a degree/diploma if you are looking for a specific position, unless you don't mind doing labor work. Or just tweet the cute PM for help :P

I don't think he must visit a consulate for that.
With Express Entry introduction in Jan 2015, it's all online now. Means: no consultant needed. You can get all the info you can think of on their site; and apply online.

Here is the official site:

I already finished my graduation.

any of my friends in canada is available in our group to help me.I am triying since 7 years.Until now unsuccess.


I won't move your thread as you received many replies here, but you should definitely post your message on the Canada forum, after reading our Canada expat guide.

All the best,


thanks for for your reply.i will try in canada forun as u said.

I am a fan of Hamudi.  :one  :thanks:

Apply through Immigration please !

done.I chk on said website.But we i cant see any company hiring on that

first few things are must for any immigration in any English speaking country

1) Perfect / professional  English  ( in your case it looks ,it will not work  :) )
2) Fill the forms without any mistakes ( are you sure you did it last time )
3 )Common sense  ( No one hire anyone only online , even in Saudi - forget Canada)
then a series of " things to do "  , better work here in Saudi and say Shukar Alhamdullilah  :cool:  :proud


I invite you to post your job request directly in the right country and in the appropriate section please.
Here is the direct link:



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