New to Shanghai, looking to get out an explore

Hey again everyone,

I posted on here last week saying that I would be moving to Shanghai and was looking to make new friends, well due to a slight problem with my visa I had to put the flight back a week but got here yesterday and I'm looking to explore.

As I am still getting things set up I don't have a mobile phone or else I would just use the map apps on that and find a local expat sports bar and go there but I was wondering if there are any English speakers out there who would like to meet up and show me this wonderful city.

I'd like to head out tonight (short notice for replies on here I know) and a perfect result would be being able to see my beloved Sunderland play (and probably get beat by) Norwhich but I'd happy just to get out and about and get my feet on the ground.

If you'd fancy meeting up then please drop me a message on here. I am in the Datong Garden Complex near luban road if that heps. I believe the Camel Bar is the closest expats sports bar to me but I'm not confident enough with the taxi service (as I don't speak the language, shame on me) and without a live feed of the map I wouldn't be overly confident about walking there. (aren't we all just lost without google maps?)

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon


Hey Mike,
Wish you all good in Shanghai.
It is very important that you could get a phone number, and it is not that expensive.
And feel free to speak English to Chinese people around you. Most of us could answer at least simple questions.
Last, google is block in China, the best way is your own phone map:) like apple's that would work and be in English.
BTE,feel free to msg me. If you need some suggetions :)

Thanks Izzie, I'm looking into getting a phone as soon as possible as my partner will be cancelling the contract on my UK phone today, likelyhood is that I will end up getting a phone either Sunday or Monday although I start work Monday so that could be a busy day.

is it easy to get a contract phone or would you suggest a pay as you go to start with?

Hi Mike,
My suggestion is not getting a contract phone, which limit a lot and make things complex. It actually won't save you too much money, maybe only a dinner in Shanghai.

Remember to bring your passport when you applying for a phone number.

Good luck for your new start. I'm sure you will be very popular and welcome here:D



My name is Elouiza and I just moved here myself. I am looking to make some friends to. I would love to meet up if you want to. I saw that your message is a bit old but maybe you can show me around then.
Let me know :)

Similar situation to Elouiza, but I am a huge football fan as well! Let me know

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