Does anyone like a party or BBQ?

My new friends, I must confess to being one who loves a get-together and a party! Therefore, I am now doing the ground work before I even move into my new home in Bulgaria! So, during the warmer months of the year, I am proposing to hold a weekend Party/ BBQ once a month during the summer or as long as the heat lasts. I'll run a raffle to help fund the event so it's not a total drain on my pocket but helps raise funds for the next and so it rolls on! :-)

This would I assume normally begin in June but I won't be moved in by June 2016, so as I say this is forward planning to see if I would be alone or whether it might appeal to some? It's something I've always done in the UK and I find, it keeps friends connected!

It can be just a party with music, or I have a PA system and we can have a Karaoke evening or I will have an outside cinema screen set up and we can screen a new preview or an old view of whatever meets the majority of tastes arranged prior to the event, followed by a karaoke, and bbq or just BBQ or just a party!!

Given that we may all live so many miles apart I propose making space for about 30 tents at the moment, so a love of good old camping is a must! This will not happen of course until I can  also offer decent toilet/shower facilities!  So maybe next year..yes I like planning ahead! It depends on how much help I get! Here in the U.K they simply don't want me to go so, no one's willing to help!  :-(..

Tell you what Bruce, tell me nearer the time I'll come and watch an open air cinema and chomp down on a bit of hog roast, I'll bring a few beers, buy some raffle tickets then drive to a nearby hotel for a proper sleep, (All hail the mattress/electricity/water/roof......) I'm not a happy camper.  :lol:
You have some good ideas I hope you get chance to put it together, and there was me thinking you would hand out paint brushes so we could do up your gaff!

Hi Steve,
I am my own worst enemy and have always worked on my own, so there will be no invites until the house is ready to receive guests! However, it was nice of you to put the thought in my head. As you may or may not know, here in the UK people just don't help each other out, which makes life very hard. When you are struggling the majority will stand and watch as if it's a cabaret. So, I'm hoping things are a bit friendlier in BG! Have a great day! :-)

Hello Bruce, the Bulgarian people are very friendly and they like to help. It is interesting to me, that you are a healer. What a kind of a healer are you?  Like a  non medical practitioner or  a spirit healer ?

I would like BBQ too, but I am living far away in Varna.

I love to live in Bulgaria and Varna is a wonderful town, and  the great black sea is very close to my apartment.

I wish you a wonderful trip

Hi Gisselle
I am a spiritual energy healer and have been since the age of 7! I fully understand the distance thing which is why I said there would be room for overnight/weekend camping! Here in England, I own a parcel of land which is a memorial garden for my beloved Mum and is 270 km from my base. I regularly visit  for the weekend and camp!  A 600km round trip for a party/visit/catchup with a friend is not a problem for me. :-)

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