GMC Acadia 2008 vs Ford Explorer 2008

Hi guys,

Can someone suggest me which one is good in term of maintenance and resale value. I'm planning to buy one of them and my budget is limited to 40K. My main concern is about spare parts, maintenance and resale value.


spare parts, maintenance, service, reliability, comfort, space, design, options.
However if you see acadia is pure american car with no saudi specification and 3.0 litre engine further it has less resale value wrt explorer, maintenance cost is high.
I am bought ford explorer in 2013 and now I am going to sell it to buy the new Ford explorer :)


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If you are an ex pat then think again. From March the 14th you cannot purchase a car with 7 seats or more. New or second hand. I'm unsure of the law for existing owners of cars with 7 seats but I'm sure it won't be applied. Maybe an issue when the istimarah needs renewal.

Ford Explorer is better,
Acadia 2008 (only)  have a problem in the gearbox heat.

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