Working as an Engineer in Australia

Hello everyone,
I am an early graduated Construction Engineer- Architect with the strong will of going abroad.
I am writing to ask if you have any suggestion about finding a job in Australia.
Do you think it would be better move and there maybe there would be more opportunities to get employed once in the Country or, on the contrary, I could have the same chances by sendind CV from Italy?
I have heard about many people who moved there without the concrete perspective of a job and then they almost immediately found a temporary one (waitress or similar) waiting for the right employiment.
I am pretty worried not about finding a job in general, but regarding finding the right one.
Hope to read you suggestions :) thanks to everyone in advance!!

Welcome to the forum.

First thing to do is to see if you qualify for a visa. Try this site for information

Work of any kind is becoming more difficult to find, even for locals. Time consuming and costly for companies to employ someone from overseas.

Take the time to read through the many informative posts on this section of the forum for information.

The truth is that you may not land the perfect job even in Italy, right? If so, what do you have to lose, other than money and the time it takes to get a visa? Follow your instincts and see where it leads you.

It took my husband 6 months of actively looking for a process engineering job to land one. Ultimately, he got the job because he built friendships with our neighbors and the neighbor's son worked for a firm that was looking for his skill set. It is easier to land the perfect job if you have your boots on the ground in Australia, because you will be able to build a network of acquaintances.


I think you have a good chance of landing your dream job in Australia. It's easier to build a network when you are here. The Italian community here is strong within the construction industry and the fact that you are from Italy may help you, including getting a temporary job maybe in the restaurants. If you need more support in navigating the career landscape here, let me know.

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