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I need some help here.

I have just ended a 1 year working contract and need some advise as I don't think my company is giving me accurate information with regards to income tax documentation.

My contract was from April 2015 to March 2016, so the income tax is split to 2 different years.

1. From April 2015 to December 2015 - they mentioned that it's all paid and they have declared it on my behalf. I also signed a document making them as a representative to submit the tax declaration.

My questions :
a) Is there a copy of the 'tax paid' and  'tax declared' documents?
b) If there is a copy of the above documents, am I entitled to receive a copy for my reference?
c) Once the income tax declaration is done, isn't there a 'tax return' document that the Taxation Departments issues?

2. From January 2016 to March 2016 - they mentioned that it's paid and they are supposed to give me 2 documents, this is clear.

Thanks in advance.


Whenever I pay tax the company gave me a statement for each month with the tax reduction. Did you receive a tax number when you started working here.

Yes, they registered a tax number for me and I have the monthly salary slip statement.

Are you wanting to lodge a tax return.

I just want any documents that proves I have paid tax for my income and that the declaration for 2015 is done. I'm planning to leave next month and want some prove that tax has been paid.

My bad, in post #1 I mean 'tax refund' instead of 'tax return'.

My company is supposed to lodge the tax return on my behalf but I do not have any documents to prove this has been done for 2015.

Thanks in advance.


Anyone?  :(

After you signed the documents, they made tax finalization for you together with others, you can require them send you one copy of the documents. Maybe they are afraid of other's information, then you tell them delete others, show you only.
Because you signed authority for them to do on behalf of you so the tax return will be returned to the company account or deducted to next period for company. It mean that all benefit now it belongs to the company.

So if you want to get back tax return, you should
- require a copy of year end tax finalization which company submitted to tax. You will see all your information: taxble income, tax free level, insurance paid, tax paid, tax refund or have to pay more
- you have right to require company return tax for year 2015 if you paid more

Feel free to ask me


Thanks for your reply, I will ask them for a copy of 'tax finalization' documents for 2015.


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