Racism in Northern Ireland

Hi, my family and I are considering relocating to Belfast from the US.
We are a white family, with a white, and a mixed-race child (half white/half black).
While researching Belfast, I have come across several news articles that talk about racism in Belfast and attacks and bullying of foreigners.
Having a bi-racial child (12-years old), will she have any issues in school? Will we have to worry about attacks on our family?

It's a sad fact that there is racism everywhere; In that respect, Northern Ireland is no better/worse than any other place.  Depending on where you live, you may come across religious/political tensions - some extremist groups (from either side) may have a racial bias as well.

Out of interest; what's the attraction of Northern Ireland?

If you do move to northern Ireland please get in touch as I will be happy to guide you and like Cynic says there is rascism everywhere in the world where I live its very multi cultural so don't find any animosity , where in Northern Ireland are you hoping to move too

Unfortunately, the job my husband was hoping for fell through, but we hope that something will work out in the future.
Thank you for all of your helpful input!
We would have loved to come. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the future!

So sorry to hear that, will keep my fingers crossed for you for the future, my plans are the opposite and in the near future I hope to be moving to Morocco, to teach English but also to live there on a permanent basis . But all the best for the future. You should come here for a small holiday to see for yourselves what Northern Ireland can offer you and how diverse it is.

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