Delicatessen Shops in Saigon

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Would anyone knows where "Le Cochon d'Or" in Saigon has moved… Or if there are any good Delicatessen Shops where they make salami and pepperoni… Etc.

I don't think the viet's would stock stuff like salami and pepperoni because there's no demand. maybe try the larger supermarkets or the expensive Annam.

Yes there are a few of those delicatessen shops in Saigon I was told. I was given 2 names: Le Cochon d'Or, and Le Gourmet. Since I live in Nha Trang, I wanted to find out their addresses before I go to Saigon next month for just a day or two. Supermarkets don't usually carry that kind of stuff – at least, the 6 supermarkets here in NT don't – importation is way too expensive. But you are right, the Vietnamese only care for rice, noodle and pho. Only foreigners are looking for good food from back home. I have my own sausage company in NT but I don't make these dried or smoked sausages. I want to buy wholesales for my customers.
Thanks for helping.

i am sure you could get wholesale salami around, though I don't think it would be any cheaper.

Hi everyone,

@ AlegreViajero is it this one : … 96#3155967

"Au cochon d'or"
51 Ham Nghi
quartier Thai Binh Ward


Thanks a lot Bhavna, I will check this place next time in Saigon.

You can get Salami type stuff in 'Annam Gourmet". There are two stores, ene in DF2 and one in D2. Google is your friend.   :)

Sorry, this spelling NAZI is driving me nuts. I meant to say that there is one Anam gourmet store in D1 and another in D2. Just google Anam store Saigon.

AlegreViajero :

But you are right, the Vietnamese only care for rice, noodle and pho. Only foreigners are looking for good food from back home.

What an absurd statement.  You need to find a Vietnamese wife.  If you already have a wife then hire a good cook.  Vietnamese food can be very varied.  Perhaps this is why Anthony Bourdain has come to Vietnam not once but twice and raves in particular about the variety of the cuisine.

Agree with the above post from THIVG

I found Vietnamese food to be excellent and with such a great variety of flavors and types of dishes.

TBH anyone who thinks Vietnamese food consists solely of rice, noodle and pho has obviously never tried anything but fast street food.

The real Vietnamese cuisine is very probably the most varied and flavorful food in the world. It is also a very healthy diet.

I must say that I hated salads before coming to live in Vietnam and viewed them solely as plate decoration to go with steaks and suchlike. Having lived here for a couple of years now and having a number of Vietnamese friends as well as a Vietnamese wife, I love eating out and can do so cheaply 7 days a week and not eat the same menu twice.

Hi guys,
I started a new post "About food in Vietnam", because this one was about finding specific delicatessen shops in Saigon.
I made a remark above (Vietnamese only care for rice, noodle and pho) that was taken seriously by some of you, and since these last posts were not related, I recopy them at the beginning of that new post…

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I suggest you check out METRO supermarket at km 6 outside Nha Trang, on the way to Thanh (DIen Khanh). They have a selection of made in VN deli type cold meats and many types of imported cheese.  If you don't have transport, catch city Bus #1 or #2.

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