6 MW solar facility Sierra Leone

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My name is Willie, MD of African Solar Energy Corporation. We are the Project Managers for the new 6 MW Solar facility in Sierra Leone. The time line for this project is 6 months, with site leveling starting in June 2016.
We are looking for a local labor broker (if allowed) who can supply us with 70 semi- skilled, 100 unskilled laborers and 30 skilled laborers. We are also looking for two local Solar PV electricians and a qualified Q & S, familiar with PV site measurements and surveying. As far as the skilled laborers are concerned, solar PV knowledge and experience is a pre- requisite.

Please reply on this forum or else you can send a mail to willie[at]

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Hello Willie and welcome on board

I invite you to drop an advert of your job offers in the appropriate section of the site : Jobs in Sierra Leone

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Hi Willie did you  close this requirement? Just seeing it now and I could support you with it

Good Day Willie , Having spent almost five years in Sierra Leone on a bio fuel project which I was part of , in the remote regions of the north , I picked up a number of skills with regards to the way things happen and work in that part of the world . Balancing Religious & Cultural beliefs over deadlines where an everyday thing , fortunately being a neutral individual made my stay there very productive . I would really like to be part of your project there , however should my skills not be needed by you I have a number of semiskilled Locals there, that we had go through our training program while we where there that I could recommend to you .

Kind Regards ,

Leroy Soma .

good afternoon willie
i am an american raised in UK and have recently moved to freetown and was wondering if you know of any jobs available ? look forward to hearing from you

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