Cheap hotel or B&B close to bus terminus in N. Cyprus

I have a flight leaving from Ercan at 08.35 and want to stay in a relatively cheap place the previous night so that I can make an early morning dash for the KIBHAS bus that leaves the bus terminus at 05.15

Alternatively, are there any accommodation places within a short distance from the airport, whereby the taxi price in the morning won't be extortionate?

Are there are any  local members who have a spare room and a car that would like to make a deal for an overnight room and drop-off at the airport?

Any ideas please?

No response yet ... just two more days to go before I leave home to go to Cyprus, so hoping that someone will reply at the last moment!

i wouldnt bank on it Dimps99 - plenty people read but rarely comment or reply.

Sad and harsh but it is true

if i knew i would help - but i dont so good luck

Thanks Toon ... I live in hope!

nearly 100 views and not one comment of help (except mine - and sadly i cant actually help you)

Its just the way that this particular expat blog forum is

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