Phishing alert

Two days ago I received an email that looked official from my credit card company. It displayed my full name and the last four digits of my card. The message stated a vague warning and a request to help. I was provided with a link to click on to get "help".

I looked at the sender address and compared it to previous emails from this company. It was off.
As a rule I NEVER use email links to go online. I open my browser and use my bookmark to get there.  I forwarded the email to the companies fraud department and they confirmed my suspicions. 

NEVER use email links to go online. This is a good habit to develop as any bad guy who needs your password and full account number need only copy the website setup of your credit card company then obtain your basic information by hacking any one of many sources outside of our control then send a phishing email to trick you into filling in the blanks.

FYI I retired after 26 years of working with super computers. Before that I was a physics lab instructor for 8 years. I was a nerd before it was cool. And I understand how dangerous the internet can be.

I want to stress is that, you can not be paranoid enough when it comes to the internet. This is even more true if you have income from a source outside of the country in which you live.

I have met people who have been phished. While it is easier to prove the crime and limit the damage, the fear of doing business online is crippling.

Remember: Just because I'm paranoid, Doesn't mean they aren't out to get me.

The only fishing I am aware of his happening in the Andaman sea.

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