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Hi everyone..I'm marco I con from Italy...can you advice a goid piace to meet People?I love music and art.I'm living in Sofia For a couple of months.. I think it Will be my place...I Wanna male friends and share opinione...thanks a lot!

Best wishes and welcome to the forum, I am sure there are like minded people here who you can meet up and make friends with, I hope you enjoy your stay in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Regards Steve.  :cheers:

Thanks a lot Steve!!!I'm a new member of the forum...I would Know new people...and discover culture and opinions

People on here for everyone mate! Give it time you'll be OK?

It looks like time has come for a new meet and gret event, Steve ?  :cool:

Ha-ha if nothing else I admire your determination, I'll sit out this meet & greet, I'm not back in Bulgaria now until the end of July, but staying in Balchik so opposite end of the country.
I have complete faith in yourself, and Kris to arrange a successful event, please have a drink for me.  :cheers:

There are a lot of places to visit

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