best pediatric urologist in riyadh

my son is 9 yrs old and still having bed wetting and there was blood in his urine test in previous 2 tests. we are looking for a good pediatric urologist , any help is appreciated

What U need is a pediatric nephrologist
dr Saad at sulaiman habib rayan branch is good

thanks a lot
but when i checked now that branch of the hospital , i did not see his name..maybe he left already, is there anyone you may suggest in Takhassusi branch?

He is here for sure..may be on vacation when u checked
I dont know about takhassussi.

we are highly recommended Dr.Hamdan Alhazmi for your son. I think your son needs a good pediatric Urologist. Dr.Hamdan works at Dallah hospital and King Khaled University hospital as assistance Chief of pediatric  department Urologic Surgery

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