Hi Looking for friends :) I'm Filipino

Hello Everyone how are you? I join here to have some friends who is in Philippines now. I enjoy experiencing other Culture and tradition.
I can also tour you over Manila or to Other nearby provinces for free :) Hope we can be good friends all :) Thank you

Hope to hear from you all soon

Hi yoogilee,

I know our foreign/local friends will appreciate this offer of tour and free 'cause of your goodwill.

thanks Maro :)

UP up

I have never been to Manila yet so I would love to visit in December.  I heard it is chaotic traffics and taxi rip off.  It is nice to have a local friend to show the city.  Currently I am visiting Davao, Cebu, and Boracay.  Will you still available for touring the city in December-January?  If you have a vacation to my city, I do the same for you.  Staying at my place and touring the city at no cost to you.

Up :)



Perhaps introduce yourself to the forum.
On word one line posts will not help in getting replies.

When introducing yourself do not post any personal contact details. This is for security reasons.

thank you Stumpy :)

Hi Everyone :) How are you? Nice to meet you :) I'm from the Philippines. I was born and raised here since then :) I'm currently boarding alone somewhere in Metro Manila. I do  play badminton and basketball. I want to try Soccer and Golf. I like biking. I want to do trekking. I'm fond of learning different languages of the World. I love Geography. I love Camping. I love listening to the OST'S of Korean series. My dream is to become a World Traveler, and to become an Ambassador. I love meeting people :)

Sounds great. Where are you staying in philippines?

It's nice to know that there are people like you, Yoogilee. Very warm and accommodating. That is very Filipino. Keep it up! I hope you get what you want, being an Ambassador. :)

@ yoogilee
Is your account deactivated?....

johnpascual :

@ yoogilee
Is your account deactivated?....

For whatever reason, his account has been deleted.

OK thanks for the info!

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