Relocating to Mombasa-best location for commuting?

My husband and I have lived in Kenya the past 12 years.  In August we will relocate to Mombasa from Nairobi.  Our job will require us to go to Mazeras/Mariakani/Kaloleni, and we are hoping to find an apartment from which we could commute to those areas.  The problem is finding an appropriate area ex-pats can live in.  We've been told Changamwe would be a good location for commuting, but that the housing isn't good.  Nyali seems too far.  Would Tudor work?  Or are there other areas with safe decent housing for wazungus?

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An advert of your search in the Housing in Mombasa section of the forum may help you get interesting rental proposals :top:


Thanks for the tip, I checked and there weren't any rentals listed.  Our job is only for a three-year period, so we aren't looking to buy.

I think that you should choose your area primarily based on security.  I don't believe that this necessarily means that it must be an expat area.  The last three places in which we have lived have not been popular with expats, yet are amongst 'well up' Kenyans and therefore have good security - I am currently the only mzungu on the street and in the immediate area.

I don't know the coast well, but know that the better areas to live are such as Nyali.  I also understand that Mtwapa (a few km north) is quite popular with expats.

In my opinion, buying a property is an excellent investment.  We have bought and sold Kenyan property a lot, over the last few years and never failed to make decent money - 3 years is a reasonable timescale in which to make a profit!

I agree it doesn't have to be an expat community, just an area with good security.  Problem with Tudor is a lot of parking is on the street, so not safe for the car.

Try kizingo my friend,it's safe and its 5 minutes drive to town,,,I will send you some pictures from one of our apartments and have a look...or you hit my inbox we talk business

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