Best British School in Kuwait

Hello there.
We might be repatriating to Kuwait in August and I therefore need your assistance in recommending the best British school in Kuwait. Our girls are aged 11, 14 and16.
Their main interets are Music and Sport (rugby and sprint running)
Thank you

Hello Delyth :cheers:

This thread may be very useful :List of Schools in Kuwait

You can also browse through other threads in our Schools & studies in Kuwait to read reviews.


Thanks Kenjee

Hi Delyth

I may be biased as I work at New English School ;) ,which is a very fine school, but if I had to choose the top 3 schools for your children for a UK style education, then based on results and overall quality, in no particular order:

New English School (NES)
Kuwait English School (KES)
British English School (BSK)

Each of these schools has a fine reputation and high standards. Please bear in mind that all 3 schools are generally oversubscribed, so please don't leave it too long to pick one. I know our school will close its doors to applications this month, and entrance exams are ongoing. If someone at your company has wasta this may help, but please don't leave it too long to apply for these schools. Alternatives are available but if you're coming from from the UK or a good UK school abroad these are your best options in my opinion.

Thank you for your helpful comments.  Following your advice, I have now just completed application forms for all three of our girls for NES.  It looks like a well organised and friendly school.  Wish us luck

Best of luck to you and the girls, honestly I wasn't trying to promote the school, all 3 are a very high standard, hope they will be happy, and very glad to help.

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