Language group in Melbourne

Heya, I'm living in Melbourne and learnt Indonesian in university and really want to meet up with people to chat in Indonesian maybe once a week.

Is anyone interested?

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Hi Learningindonesian,

Welcome to! :)

I moved your topic on the Melbourne forum.

You can find some contacts in the Melbourne social network.

You can also try to post an ad for a language exchange in Melbourne classifieds section.

Have you tried to organise a meet up by using our Events in Melbourne section?

All the best,

There is a huge community of Indonesian students in University - sometimes with clubs too. And many Indonesian participate in the church community.

So you have two ways to get involved and to get to know many Indonesians from there. They are very welcome and friendly.


there are many language exchange websites that allow you to do that, find a language partner online, just google it

try go to indonesian restaurants there which are plenty in melbourne. sure you'd be able to practice your indonesian with them.

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