Australian dollars to Vietnamese bank acc

hi, just wondering what is the best online site to transfer Australian dollars to a Vietnamese bank account. I have previously used Western Union
so if you know of better please let me know, thanks

All popular banks (such as Vietcombank, Sacombank, ACB....) can help you transfer the foreign currency to Vietnamese dong. You should ask them.

Just transfer it straight from your Aussie bank account to your VN account, that is if you setup an AUD account here.

yes but there are fees and exchange rates involved. Some of the online transfer companies are cheaper than doing it through your bank and way faster.

I used to do it and the only cost was the transfer from Australia, I took it out in VND and there were no fees. Things may have changed, it was a few years ago I did this through the ANZ bank.

You could also send it to someone you know in Australia and get them to send the money via Wester Union to VN.

Seems the Commonwealth Bank has an interesting limited time offer that might suit some.

extract from their website:-

Fee free NetBank remittance

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is now offering fee free outbound international money transfers from Australia to Vietnam in Vietnamese currency via NetBank.

For a limited time, the Bank is also waiving the standard $22 NetBank fee for transfers of 1 million Vietnamese Dong or more.

This service offers three collection methods for the recipient of the funds in Vietnam:

1. Direct debit into the recipient’s bank account at any bank in Vietnam
2. Collect by the recipient at the Commonwealth Bank branch in Ho Chi Minh City, or any of the 140 VietinBank branches across Vietnam, or
3. For a small fee of AUD$5.00, the money can be delivered directly to the recipient’s home

For more information, please call or visit our branch.

besides the main Commonwealth branch at 4B Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1
there is also a new Commonwealth Bank branch at 65 Nguyen Du, District 1

hope this is of some use

sorry if i'm wrong but do you work for com bank?

no I don't work for Commbank,... - I usually use ANZ linked ATMs in Vietnam, but as I'm planning another visit, I was researching ATM locations inHCMC and the regions - just noticed there seems to be a lot of Commbank linked ATMs in HCMC. So I checked the Commbank Vietnam website for more info and thought it may be useful to some folks.

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