Filipino Communities in Ecuador

We are an American/Filipino couple considering a new living experience in one of several countries in S.A. with Ecuador being high on our list. My wife is interested in the experiences of other Filipinas living there.  Filipino friends would be a big asset in our decision to explore and live in a particular country.  We plan to tour the western countries in the winter of 2016/7.  Please say "Hi" and "Kumusta" and give us some of your impressions of the Filipino community in Ecuador.

Hey there. I have been living here in the Philippines (Cebu), for over 4 years now. I am American, and my GF is Pinay. We are also planning on moving soon to Ecuador, for the better climate, cleaner air, and food options. Have you made the transition yet?

When I searched for Filipinos in Ecuador 3 years ago I found one in Quito.  Gonna have to make lechon on your own.

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