New expat looking for sport in HCM : Volleyball and Badminton !


I'm a new expat in HCM, I arrived few days ago !
I'm looking for new friends and sport friends !

I love to play volleyball and badminton ! I am open to every proposition !
Please let me know if you have a group ou a place to practice !!

Cheers :)


Hi Anthony!
Where are you staying in HCMC now? My friends they are playing badminton every weekend in district 2. If you want can join with them. :)

Hi Sally !
I'm staying in D1, Han Trung Dao. But i can move ;)
I'l very interested by playing with your friends. I'm not here this weekend but why not on the next one !
What is the exact place where the play ? At what time ?


Anthony :)

Come and play dodgeball with our group of expats and vietnamese ppl. We play every monday and wednesday from 8:30pm to 10pm at Phan Dinh Phung stadium, district 1.
30,000vnd/person. Newbies are welcome all the time.

Hi ! Where and when do you play badminton ? Can I join ? :D

Hi ! It could Nice to play dodgeball !
What is the adress of the stadium ?
Do i need to bring something special ?

Hi Elena !
Unfortunatly, i don't have any place to play for the moment ... I'm looking for one !
Stay in touch,

Hi Sally,

Not to hijack a thread but I'm also interested in badminton! Please pm me details if that's okay.


Hi Clement,
Do you know a place where we can play ??



Hi Anthony,

Was just about to shoot you a message as well. I just had my first game yesterday in Saigon! (At Marie Curie School)

I have been in touch with some people from badminton forums in Ho Chi Minh and they have very kindly directed me to some sources.

Happy to place you in touch with them and we can also go for a game sometime. I'm staying near the airport but always alright to migrate for a game less than half an hour away.


Hi Anthony,
Phan Dinh Phung stadium is at 75 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, district 3.
We play at the basketball court opposite the x-rock climbing.
You can keep updated on our fb group here
You dont need to bring anything. We have all the balls there. Wear comfortable clothes and bring water, you'll be sweating a lot hah  :top:

Hi soulxroad,
Can i and my friend join too?
I'm a beginner tho :(( but my friend is a master.

Hi there,

So far the groups I found are mostly for intermediate (mid level players) but I will check for some groups that can have beginners too and let you know. (:

If you have any place for booking badminton courts, please let me know and maybe we can all play together!


every afternoon, there are many people playing badminton in 23/9 park (this park is too near from your place, it's next to Phạm Ngũ Lão street)

I and my friends used to walk around and then asked for joining. It's easy and friendly! When someone take a break, you can ask for joining..

Hope you will have a good time in Vietnam ^^

I would love to join in with any badminton groups going on. I live in D4 but i can get around easily. Let me know if you have room for one more :)

Hey Taylor,

If you'd like to join, sure! The game at D3 probably works for you. Please inbox me a contact so we can get in touch!


Hey Ruby,

Thanks for your reply, will bear that in mind! I'm mostly looking to play indoor courts because it is less windy though. (:

If you play, feel free to come and join us!


Hi thanks a game in d3 sounds great.
My number is ***

Speak soon

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