looking for some friends can play badminton :)

Hi everyone!
Im Vietnamese i love sport, actually i have many hobby. But my friends do not. They just like go to coffee shop or go to somewhere have a drink...
So anyone here like play badminton can join with me. Im very welcome.
Thanks for reading! :)

Hi Sally,
If you are living in D2, we can play together :)

Hi Sally,
Do you play in a court?

Hi Sally
Did you find anyone to play badminton with or a group? I am also looking for the same thing :)

I'm living in d2 as well looking for a place to play. Do you know of any indoor courts? Thanks. Dai

sounds a great thing, but i live in dist 11. But no matter where i live, maybe we can set up a day / week for badminton games

It is great !! I am also looking for someone would like to play near by Q5 or Q6 with indoor court. Is there any indoor badminton court at D5, D6 or D11 ?

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the appropriate section of the website by dropping an advert if you are looking for a partner to play badminton with.

- Sport partners in Ho Chi Minh City

Thanks in advance,

Hi Sally!
I want to join your gruop. I'm living Dist 2.
Please talk with me if i can.

I wanna join two, arrange the first time in any weekend pls.

There are quite many court around there. You can play in Phu Tho training center in Ly Thuong Kiet street.

So long since I played Badminton. would be keen to play and have some bones moving.

I stay in District 1.


I am interested in joining gym that is most popular in HCM city. Preferably have good players . Which badminton facility is most popular in the city?


Hi Bhavna, I am looking for original Victor or Yonex Badminton shoes. Could you please suggest shops in HCMC who sell original equipment? .


Dai Hung (Đại Hưng) is the agency of Yonex in VN. You can buy at this store at 432 Lý thái Tổ, Ward 10, District 10.

or Hong Sport, 43 Cong Quynh, District 1.

Thank you Hieu Trieu. Much Appreciated.

Did you find a club ?
I'm also looking for parners in Saigon

So happy to find this thread. I am beginner at badminton but really love to improve my skills at it. Currently living in D1 so if anyone wants to play plz plz contact me. Thanks u guys a lot.


Sounds good. I am fine with playing sometimes.

I like sports too...I'm hoping to move to VN. Any tips you can give me please ? :)

Our family lives in D1 and my 19yr old son loves badminton, ping me and I can connect you two

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