New members of the Puerto Rico forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2016

Warner here, just signed up.  I'm a college professor in Virginia, looking to retire in 5 years or so.  Been in the PR real estate market for a couple of years now -- been using the time I've got to hunt for bargains.  Looking particularly in the SW, in Lajas and Cabo Rojo.  Also spending the time brushing up on my Spanish.

Welcome to the forum!
We are here to answer your questions and help make it as smooth as possible.
I currently work for Harvard University, retiring in a year or so.

Hello all
I am glad I found this forum.

My wife and I are currently living in Thomaston GA. (Central GA). I am a 100% disabled vet, medically retired from Civil Service and on SSA  disability. My wife is on SSA. Our 2 kids are grown and live in TX with our 5 grandkids.

On a recent cruise my wife fell in love with the Caribbean so much so she asked if we could move. With the state of current US politics we had already been toying with the idea. We have very opposing views of current presendital candidates.

After some discussion of place to move PR cameo out on top.
Our reasons: we keep all of our benefits; I can still use my VA loan for a house; neither one of us have to worry about a job; better way of life

Neither one of have been to Puerto Rico, but I did live on Guam for 18 months. We are going to be in PR from 09/07-21 exploritoy  trip. We will be stay in Fajardo (airbnb). We have rented a car so we can explore all parts of the island. Did not want to do the motel this as that is not what day to day life would be like. There are a couple of things I know we are going to do this trip. One day we are going out to Culebra and one night do the bio bay electric boat tour.

If she decides that she want to move (I ready now) ,we will start seriously looking for houses in July. I have a payoff plan so that we will be debt free when we move. The second part of the plan is getting a 26 to 30 ft express cruiser after we get back next month use it/ fix it/ get comfortable with it then ship it down there and use it for island hopping. Wife hates to fly.

Sorry for the long post

Hi hturner12,
Welcome to the forum, please feel free to create 1 or more subjects to ask questions. We are here to help.

We have several members in the general area of Fajardo that maybe you can meet for a drink and to get some inside information.

The east side of the island has marinas to keep your boat also many islands to hop to, go scuba or snorkling or just a picnic. Also has a number of expats that you can meet and make friends with. I myself purchased a lot in Ceiba which is just 1 town away.

VA would be in the San Juan area which is 45 minutes from Fajardo so a visit a few times a year to VA should not be a major problem.

Glad you and your wife are considering PR.

PS ... Once you become a resident of PR you will not be able to vote in the states or for the president. You will be able to vote in the US primaries in PR and the local elections.

Thank you meeting others would be great. I have already done a lot of research.  How would I go about meeting others

Welcome to the forum.  I live in Humacao, about 1/2 hour drive from Fajardo.  In fact, I just got back from going to a fabric store in Fajardo.  Would love to have you come to visit me while you are in Puerto Rico.  My brother also lives here and he is a disabled veteran (Vietnam).  Keep in touch.

Basically three ways.
1) wait for people here to invite you like Frogrock (Carroll) just did.
2) create a new subject inviting people to come meet you at a particular place, date and time.
3) review the instructions under  "Gatherings and events in Puerto Rico" and create an event

Meeting multiple people at one place would be more efficient so you have time to explore more. Also the folks in the west of the island would probably want to meet you also and steal you from the east coast, they are also lovely folks.

For east coast location I would suggest meeting at the Blue Iguana which is located at the Fajardo Inn in Fajardo (Mexican Food and some local dishes). Fajitas and Burritos are good, many also love the sticky chicken wings.

I forgot to mention: Shipping things to Puerto Rico can be expensive.  You might want to look at what boats are available here. There are many!  And, most important, in any  case, I love boats and know my port from my starboard, so I expect an invitation.

Hi Carol

Thank you for your reply. It would be great to get together.  our schedule is very open as is nothing planned except the flight in and flight out. 

we will be staying at: Bo Las Crobras HC 67 Cartera K.M. Fajarda. I have a car reserved from Charlie rental car. We will be on the Southwest afternoon flight. A good friend of ours who is also a disabled Vietnam vet has decided to come with us.

frogrock :

I forgot to mention: Shipping things to Puerto Rico can be expensive.  You might want to look at what boats are available here. There are many!  And, most important, in any  case, I love boats and know my port from my starboard, so I expect an invitation.

got to learn how to drive and fix the thing first. We are only about 5 hours from Jacksonville so what ever we ship we will just drive down there  to the port. Yes you would be welcome anytime.

Frockrock is right, you may want to look at the local market. With people unable to find jobs or retain a job, housing, cars, and boats for sale are plentiful.

Also she and her brother know multiple people with boats and her brother and her know a lot about boats and the islands around PR.

Since her brother is a disabled Vet, you also can talk about the VA and how is the service.

Note that being a veteran in PR provide you some benefits, like lower cost for some services like for example gyms. As you are a senior, the cost of the Ferry to the islands is cheaper ($2 each way, seniors $1 each way if I remeber correctly). We will guide you to take advantage of your benefits.

PM me or contact me through my Facebook page, Carroll Kelly (the one with the photo of the blue monkey with a ukulele) and send me your contact information.

Thank you I can not believe how great this forum is

Hi I'm Rachael. We just moved here -on our 3rd transfer now, having just come from Lima Peru. I'm from New Zealand and my husband's Dutch plus our two boys aged 6&9. looking forward to finding somewhere to live and meeting new friends for our latest adventure!

Welcome to the forum
You said you just moved here but did not say where here is.
You are welcome to read thru Previous posts and post any questions. We are here to help.

If you're looking for a great day trip, you might consider . Capt. Dan is just super! My husband and I fell I love with PR in general and the Fajardo area particularly and will be moving to that area. I look forward to hearing how your scouting trip goes. We will be doing ours in November. Best of luck!

Sorry! Yes "here" is a bit vague. We've moved to San Juan. Hoping to find somewhere to live in Miramar, Condado areas close to my husbands work.

You should check this site for rental units, sorry it is in Spanish. … earchM.asp
If you prefer a realtor I can get you one, just let me know.

Thanks! I've been checking it out already. I speak a little Spanish and can read a bit so it helps.

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to post here to make an official introduction.  We are a young and active couple living in Southern California with a dream to live and work in the Caribbean very soon.  Just started researching PR as a possible location to purchase a vacation home and move to in the near future.  We have traveled all over the Caribbean researching and exploring where to call "home away from home" but haven't found that place that makes us want to stay permanently.  PR is next on the list and we are coming to visit in November for a week and see what its like to live, cook, explore, hike, drive and relax on the beach.  Just starting to do some research and excited to have all this info, reviews, experiences and PR experts to help make our trip down there the best! to read some more

Welcome to the forum,, your visit in November at the end of Hurican season will likely be lovely and you will enjoy cooler temperatures (82-73).

Hello everyone!

Just joined the site and have been browsing through the pages for info. My boyfriend and I are looking to move to PR at the end of the year. We spent an enjoyable week in Isla Verde in February, but we are open for suggestions for a great place for a young couple to call home. He's a chef and fluent in Spanish. I'm currently a BA at a marketing company. It's tough trying to decide on the city or town, so anything would be helpful. The forum has been very helpful already, but I'd love to hear and read more. Thank you all in advance!

I am partial to Rio Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba (my place), Naguabo and Humacao. Basically most of north Easter and Eastern Puerto Rico.
It all depends on your wants and needs. If your Husband is planing on opening a restaurant it will also need to be part of the decision since his menu needs to cater to a particular population and you want to live close to the restaurant. For some that may mean the metro area, for others it may be being close to a fishing village.
This site has a little about all 78 municipalities and may be a good place to start

Welcome to the forum

Thanks for the suggestion! The site is helping to map things out. Would you recommend shipping a car or buying one on the island? We would like to stay where we could walk, bike, or taxi/Uber everywhere.

Sounds like you are looking for the metro area or Old San Juan Cocoa. I would suggest buy used car in PR.
Taxi, Uber, biking, walk some places, trolley, train, all available, but at a cost, higher crime and higher rents.

Greetings expats in Puerto,

My name is Thomas and I'll be settling into Santurce, San Juan this September. This will be my first time visiting Puerto Rico and I'm excited to explore and discover all that is has to offer. I'm sure there will be some bumps along the way as well as a few bureaucratic headaches but i'm confident that everything will work out fine. If anyone lives/knows the Santurce area i'd love to hear your recommendations on restaurants, bars, and places to visit.

'ta luego


I'll be moving to Santurce this September and I'll be looking to buy a used car. Do you have any recommended dealers?

trifecta418 :


I'll be moving to Santurce this September and I'll be looking to buy a used car. Do you have any recommended dealers?

Hi Thomas,
First thing is welcome to the forum.
Given that this will be your first trip to the island, there is a lot to learn, we will help you along.
I have not purchased a car in PR in many years, but others in this forum have, so I will defer to them. Do expect that a new car will be inflated in price by about 3K more due to shipping cost and taxes, used cars will be a little higher than an equivalent car in the states. There are a lot of vehicles in PR that are 10 years old and still running fine. Minor accidents are common so they may have some dents as people tend not to fix the dents.

Welcome and ask away.

Welcome new members of the forum.  I live in Humacao, which is on the east coast.  Be sure to keep in contact if you would like to visit this part of the island.  I was in Bayamon yesterday and was reminded how diverse this island is.  Some areas are very urban, some are far removed from twenty-first century conveniences. 
I cannot help you with buying a used car because I opted for a new car.  Shipping a car to Puerto Rico is very inconvenient and expensive.  But, if you have a car that you love, like a red 1964 Mustang Convertible, then go for it.  In the long run, you will forget the cost.

Not sure I would take a 64 convertible Mustang to any island

Cuba has managed to maintain their cars running for 50 years.

So true I was thinking  about the corrosion factor.  When I lived on Guam  had my Jeep pickup shipped over and back.  Got rid of it on the way  from the port to Ga.  But GUAM is only 8x32


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