Moving to Shaoxing 2016

Good morning!
I recently had an interview to teach English at a school in Shaoxing. I am currently living in Beilun and have gotten into the "groove" with my gym and grocery and was wondering how easy it is to find some of the things that I've grown accustomed to here. My gym is around 200 a month and I'm also hoping to find a pool that I can swim in at least 4 times a week. Is there any idea on how much that would cost or even if that's available? I cook pretty much everything and stay on a fairly strict diet but is there anything pretty comparable to a carrefour available? I would appreciate any help y'all can offer.

I also am considering moving to Shaoxing, I was told by my interviewer that I could expect to pay $400 USD a year for a gym membership I don't know if that helps. I am trying to get there within 2 months to teach English.

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