Considering a Move to PR

House may be posted twice, by realtor and owner. Best is to drive around the area and look for "Se Renta" signs (for rent). If it is not a realtor, then it will be the owner. Gated comunities, ask the guard if he knows of places to rent inside and if he will let you in to fet the phone numbers to call. Alsi signs for Se alquila which is the same as rent (2 words for the same)

I favor Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba, and Humacao due to my afinity to the water and the islands. Caguas would be too far to the see in my opinionbut your priorities and mine are different. I also have family close to rhose places so it is a double wammy for me.

The owner will be listed in the CRIM office. This is the property tax office in each town, they will have the property owner listed. The best way will be to talk to the next door neighbors, they may be able to give you some info. The realtor may not want to disclose the owner so you will have to deal with themselves.

Just remember that all that metro area was on water restrictions this past year. That may not happen again this year, but be aware.

It all depends on how tight you make your house, silicone all those areas, Nooks and crannies  that they can enter from .

I have always loved Rio Grande area

I think Chrishamrick103 is back in the mainland by now. Maybe they can write what their experiences were visiting PR and looking for a place to rent?

Hi!! it's great you are planning on living in Puerto Rico.  I have a property in Isleta Marina, Fajardo, which is a little island with pools, marina, playground, kiddie pool and BEACH!!  7 minutes from the main island, (you need to take a ferry) it's majestic, a paradise, great for kids.  But it's a 10th floor 3-2  apartment, in great conditions by the way.  Are you open to buy a property at a very good price or just rent?  From my apartment you can actually see Culebra!!

Hi Sylma, not sure who you are directing the question to.

Oh!! I'm new here 😟, my bad. It's to the guy looking for a property in Fajardo.

Hi! Right now we're just looking to rent. So far I prefer PR over the states but we won't be looking to buy anything  until we're sure. I'm keeping my house in Atlanta until we get things sorted. Taking a ferry any time we leave the house won't be all that convenient, especially with a 1 and 2 year old. We can barely make it to the grocery store as it is! LOL.

So I'm just getting caught back up with normal life. Opened my store back up today so I'm still getting adjusted from not working for 11 days but PR is awesome. I think it's definitely a place for my family and I. Now it's a matter of finding a place to live. I do like Dorado and Fajardo isn't bad, but I'd prefer something closer to San Juan and very close to the beach.

I did learn that Real Estate is a tad bit different there as there aren't a whole lot of newly constructed buildings (smartly so as it makes sense to refurbish what's there first.) But a lot of landlords cut corners I noticed. There is one property I didn't get to see before leaving, but I can tell from the pictures that the place isn't finished, and supposedly it's "ready to move in". The agent said no more work will be done to it so renting something sight unseen is really risky in my opinion.

Does anyone know about Gold Villas in Dorado? I know they aren't as new looking as some of the other guarded neighborhoods in the area. But I'm considering getting something like that furnished just to get down there with my family and then find something. I spent $1,000 on 5 nights at a hotel, so $1,000 for a month is a better deal definitely.

Next trip, try renting a place from airbnb or, you can rent for a day or multiple days in different parts of the island. It will cost you less to stay. I think Dora lives in Dorado area, she may know that place you asked about. Dorado is a bit expensive for my taste, but it is a nice place.

Were you able to check Rincon or was that too far for your needs?

As to new construction, there is some but not selling that well, there is a glut of properties on the merket probably around 15,000 or more and more and more Repo occuring due to recent job cuts, inability to pay and people moving to the states. So yea not many newly constructed homes lately.

That makes sense. I wasn't able to go to Rincon. Honestly a little too far. I've found some pretty inexpensive properties in Dorado. Some right under $1,000 furnished. Hopefully they don't look scary when I get there.

But I tried airbnb when I was there.... checked out after 2 hours. It was likely just that place (although he had stellar reviews) but I had to get out of there. It was in Fajardo and I ended up getting a room, spending triple at a hotel in San Juan. Better experience though.

The next trip we're just going to wing it and come on down. I'm going to make some calls tomorrow to some places in Dorado. Namely Gold Villas. I am a bit concerned about how cheap they are but I've seen reviews on some of the websites like airbnb and the people overall seemed very happy with their stay. That will be cheaper than renting something daily and we as a family can decide whether it's for us. If not we can just come back here since that place will be furnished.

Ill check the forum for any info on Gold Villas.

It's a shame you didn't make it to Rincon .You really would love it here.   Definitely more laid back.  Housing can be affordable here as well. I really suggest visiting here before deciding on another area.  I have lived in other parts of pr and have visited many other areas .And personal Rincon is it for us and many other expats

One problem, if most of the mainlanders end up in Rincon, housing will become at a prime and it will be like living in the Bronx in 5 years. Mostly buildings in order to accommodate the people all in such a small town. I know it is not like that now, but if the population increases like that, they will have to build up. Then there is the issue of becoming integrated into the society and culture.

I rather they spread around the island and mix in, lack of integration causes problems in communities specially with language and financial differences.

Rincon is about 14.3 square miles with a standard population of about 15,000 that is about 1048 people per square mile, add an additional 20 thousand mainlanders and people will be on top of each other and resources will be severely strained, never mind the cost of housing.

But each person has to make their own decision based on what is good to their family.

I agree Rey...Good Points.

I didn't end up in Rincon. I was all about the charm, history and culture.  If all I wanted was some beach and a sqeaky new condo, I'd move back to SoCal.

After living  part-time in Puerto Rico for seven years, my goal was to find a place where I wanted to live year-round. I thought of Rincon, but I expanded my search when my  cousin encouraged me to consider other areas. Thank goodness I listened to her.  I am now happily planted in Humacao, within striking distance of everything on my 'must have' list.  Rincon has it's charm and is a nice place to visit. But my lifestyle is better suited to  the East Coast.  My advice is to move to Puerto Rico, but be honest in your list of what is essential to your pursuit of happiness.

Where Frogrock lives is a gated area inside of a gated area, very safe, people have gulf cars to run around to all the local restaurants and watering holes, it is well layout, nicely trimed and beatiful place. Some of the houses have their own personal marinas. Great place to live and outside you also have Humacao, Ceiba, Naguabo, fajardo, luquillo and Rio grande by car.

Glad you like humanco .I have been there once and wasn't impressed .However I don't want to live in a gated community .I prefer living with the locals. We moved to Puerto Rico to be around the culture and feel it's a better learning opportunity for our child. Plus the temperature in Rincon doesn't get as warm and muggy as the southern part of Puerto Rico .Glad you found what worked for you .That is awesome .Maybe I will have to visit the area again.

I know others have said check out Rincon or the Rincon area.. and I agree.. you should check out the whole west coast in general. I like the Rincon area and when I say area I don't mean only Rincon.. I mean surrounding cities as well. I like Anasco and Aguada in addition to Rincon. Rincon itself does have a couple of grocery stores..and there are grocery stores in every town.. but if Walmart or Kmart is a concern, you can just take the 2 north or south and they aren't that far. There are also Walgreens all over the 2. Even some open 24 hours. There are plenty of places to go shopping and plenty of restaurants. Rincon has some fab places to eat btw. Some people like Isabela as well which is northwest and has some nice homes. Sure, the west coast may be "far" in relation to San Juan, but personally I don't plan to ever drive to San Juan again after moving, unless it's to go to the airport.

Isabella , aquada, anasco, aquadilla mayaguez and cabo rojo .Most people don't speak English .So if English speaking is importantb to tou Rincon is the place to be

sandrarduncan :

Isabella , aquada, anasco, aquadilla mayaguez and cabo rojo .Most people don't speak English .So if English speaking is importantb to tou Rincon is the place to be

True.. but if everyone wanted to be surrounded by English speakers, then we'd all just stay in the states :)

I look forward to trying to learn Spanish.. all part of the adventure of moving somewhere new.

Live anywhere, learn Spanish: … rds=fluenz

HIGHLY Recommended!!!!

My wife uses it and I stand by and listen and it is doing a GREAT job.

ReyP :

Live anywhere, learn Spanish: … rds=fluenz

HIGHLY Recommended!!!!

My wife uses it and I stand by and listen and it is doing a GREAT job.

Sorry that's the link to the French one, get the Spanish one

You start learning at a restaurant, being able to order and ask questions, spoken and written, not just spoken, you use conversations that are useful and one lesson builds on the previous one. Is really good, I wish I had something like it 40 years ago when I was learning English.

Thanks for all of your replies! Sheesh! You guys are more active than I am! But I've been trying to liquidate the rest of my inventory and get my house together here for when I leave.

I've decided against doing business in San Juan so now I'm open to go anywhere. We actually got an offer last Thursday (I just checked my email from the owner today.) Offering us to stay in his furnished apartment with all amenities for $1,200 per month from airbnb! I love that idea because I don't have to worry about any utilities. This is way cheaper than a $900 lease. We also have the freedom to move around and check out other places so I'm happy with that.

The place is in Isabela not too far from the beach. We're also going to rent a car for a month or so until we know it's a place we want to stay.

I used to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish with a child back in college. I had one meeeeean Spanish professor! But I lost it a bit. While I was there though I did try to speak Spanish to people first and only used English when I flat out had no clue what to say.

So I'm about to book everything tonight. As it is we'll be there May 24th!

Well congratulation!!!!!
This a permanent move or 6 months back and forth?

PS I am in the forum at least 6 times a day for short periods of time each. Lots of posts to review and private messages, plus posts from the people that run the board where I have to join and give my opinion from time to time (I am part of the forum now)..

I don't know what it is right now. I'm just excited to have some freedom. No real lease and it's cheap, in my eyes anyway. But if I end up staying 6 months I'll for sure need a car. I'm using credit card points or the first month so the rental will only cost me about $200 out of pocket. I'll probably rent another month and if we feel it's for us I'll buy something more than likely. At that point I'll need to figure out what to do with my house and car here in Atlanta. I'd like to put it on airbnb but I have no one I know here to facilitate that process. If I could do that then heck I'd probably make it permanent as the income from this house would pay for all I need there.

We are selling, I don't have anyone to take care of the house and I don't like a wooden house  with no maintenance specially with the bad winters in MA.

By the way I lived for a year in Marietta, got buzzed often by the planes landing there. I liked Georgia, I did not noticed much racial problem agains me but I tend not to notice.

By the way on this site do a search for the word "negrita or negrito", we had a nice discussion about how we refer to our loved ones and children in PR. I think it was the subject "African Americans in PR" but not sure.

You didn't specify whether you speak Spanish. If not, Rincon. If so, avoid Fajardo. Rather dangerous. You should probably consider a gated community like Guayanabo. There lots of gated communities around San Juan, like Trujillo Alto and Canovanas, where you can probably find a pool on your budget. Plus, many of the locals speak English. 

Fajardo is nice for a visit, but nah. I speak Spanish, am single, pretty street smart, and wouldn't move there.  I have friends out near the Conquistador and know the area pretty well.  Do research on crime maps and income level maps. You will want to stay in wealthier areas. "Wealth" has a different significance here, where the median income is only 24k.  The western part of the island offers  a lot, and tends to be much safer. Cabo Rojo is the safest municipality in PR, for example, and has a good side gringo population. And very affordable.

So chrishamrick103,
How is it going?
You were coming to the island May 24, all ok?

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