Any Indonesian in here? Or solo traveller who traveling in sweden

Hii . Im gita from Indonesia and Im looking for some friend who want to look around sweden together . I feel bored if I walk alone 😁

You are in which city?

I'll be traveling to Sweden alone in May. Filipina here :)

Im in sodertalje

Aha . Sounds good . If u wanna look around and need some friend dont hesitate to ask . Btw what r u doing in sweden? And what the date u'll come to sweden? Im in here until 27 may. And feel bored when I walk around alone 😂

21, female, sodertalje

hay githa :D salam kenal

Fera93 :

hay githa :D salam kenal

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Hi.. I'm Indonesian too. Living in skåne. Where do you live? Hope we can meet and hang sometimes .. 😊

Hii salam kenaaaalll jugaa. Stay in sweden?

Hiii. Could we meet? Haha Im in sodertalje now. In my grandpa's house .

hahah ups im sorry :D

haha no :D still in indo.. ***

are you planning to stay there for a long time ? :D

may i have your contact or Line Id ?

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Ahaha when u will come here? I have been staying for 3 months until 28 may. This is my id line : **

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Hi Gita! Any chance you're still in Sweden? I am in Kista :)

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